Follow up on ‘Chetana’ on 20th Feb @ Magichive

The follow up for Chetana happened on 20th Feb. We had a huge group eager to learn and share their journey.The journey of self awareness is a life long journey.
Our awareness towards our thoughts and feeling in terms of working in a group/ doing an activity / comfort zone/ doing something new. Awareness of being in the moment ‘what is’ instead of ‘what next’  Awareness of what we are sharing/ how we are sharing/ how we are listening/ what we are listening to etc…
Discussing a few situations and different perspectives on dealing with it. Working with children allowing them to own up responsibilities for their actions and consequences.
Reflection using expressive arts(time was less) using colours to express thoughts emotions … can be used with children in a very effective way.


Puppetry Workshop 22nd-23rd Feb @ Magichive

Thanks to Ananthi and Gowri for exposing children to the world of puppets. The children enjoyed working together as a group .. sharing resources and making their own unique puppets. String puppet/ hand puppets. They even put up their own puppet show:-)


Republic Day workshop conducted by Cilre (Gowri and Ananthi )

The workshop conducted by Gowri and Ananthi was thought through starting from stimulation to the end. The children understood the meaning of being a republic, understood the voting process by going through it themselves. They enjoyed the games and activities. The session was fun filled and interactive.

Looking for more sessions based on experiential learning 🙂

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Follow up session at Magichive..

Participant shared and summarised the session:

We had the first Chetana follow up for the year 2014 yesterday. What a way to start off. AHA! that summarises our feeling as well as our takeaway. A- Awareness. H – Hold on and A – Action. Subha introduced us to this tool and took us through the process of thought, feeling and behaviour. In any situation, it helps to be aware of our thought, feeling and also where it is manifested in our body. (Is it our heart beat going fast or hands becoming chill etc). The awareness can help us hold on to the thought and feeling, be aware and then decide on the course of action. Not to mention the several fun activities we girls had. We had to introduce ourselves using a pair of colourful dandia sticks. Then we reflected on what were our thoughts and feelings while we did this exercise. Subha also facilitated to identify the part of our body which felt that. Then we moved on to eye contact….. Ah! How eyes can be a peek into our soul. We practiced maintaining eye contact with a partner and had fun throwing and catching a ball. (the child in us woke up from coma!!!). A great takeaway is to maintain eye contact with anyone we connect with and it is a great gift we can give our children too!! The games and exercises helped many of us identify our interpretations about ourselves and how that shows up in our body language. “I am not good enough”. “Am I capable?”. ” I cannot dance”… these are just interpretations about our own selves. And then we have so many interpretations about others too – our spouses, friends and children. Shackle it off this new year and start off on a clean state — a message we got at the session. Thanks Subha Parthasarathy and thanks to each one for making it. It was so much fun and learning because of each one of us who took the time and effort to make it to the session..


Creative Thinking and Multiple Intelligence workshop @ Magichive with Keyndle Spark

The poster says it all 🙂 Children were gently and at times strongly pushed to think in different angles and perspectives. It helped them to get a wider view of the world around them. Thanks to Mathangi Rajasekarn for taking such efforts and present them with a module of “Creative thinking”. More to follow so better to register your child’s name for the next program.:-)



MI Camp for Children:



The year ended with a bang with a batch of 6-8 year olds wearing their caps of “Multiple Intelligence”

while being taken on a journey of creative thinking. Here is a snapshot of the journey.

Day 1

Natural Intelligence: Children were taken on a nature walk where they observed different types of

leaves, rocks, trees, insects and even clouds! They went on to become one of the elements of nature

and created a story board of the same.

Day 2

Intrapersonal Intelligence: A story was narrated on how to be aware of one’s feelings and what action

can be taken on that. Children created their own”feeling wheel” and “action chart”

Day 3

Musical Intelligence: Children created rain and thunder effect for a story about a boy who wanted to go

out on a stormy day. Another story to introduce musical instruments was narrated to them. They

created their own musical instruments using ice cream cups.

Day 4

Linguistic Intelligence: Children created their own story boards using pictures given to them. It was

demonstrated to them as to how different stories can be created using the same set of pictures.

Children also created several impromptu stories as a group (team work)

Day 5

Kinesthetic Intelligence: Children explored acting to communicate with each other. They explored

different ways of moving forward from a starting point to a finish point (going beyond the traditional

running race). They also played different games using newspapers.



An adventurer cyclist in action 15th Dec

A wonderful evening with Raghunandan Hukkeri. Not only did he take us through his journeys he also shared many insights, tips on kinds of cycles we could buy, how to maintain our cycles, things we need to take care when we cycle and much more. And finally a relief for the parents when he told the children that there is no need for them to have a gear cycle 🙂
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