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It was a wonderful experience for me as part of Chetana. I am experiencing a new “magic” within me to transform myself into a new person and in turn help my child.   

Very useful session. It gave a good reflection of myself as a parent. Lots of open discussions helped in exploring various subjects.   

I became aware of many things which I did not know earlier eg: motivation, connection. I have learnt to be more patient and the 6 C’s has helped me in many ways in my personal life. Thank you    
Pavithra GN

Very good. Informative and content is relevant for self and children. Compiled very well with lots of examples and experiences. Organized well and as the sessions where highly interactive, lots of learning from others happened   
Prathiba Rao

Learnt to understand myself, accept myself and others. Connecting with my feelings and breaking the strong beliefs I carried with me. Subha is a very expressive person who connects well with the participants. Her non-judgemental approach and acceptance of people is what I like in her.   
Latha S

It was an eye opener for me, an awareness about my feelings and beliefs. It helps me to connect with my kids and family. Finally my perceptions about life – good or bad things is helping me to make my journey more meaningful   

Dr Rama Priya

I learnt to connect with my child and understand things from their point of view. To be compassionate with my family and people around me. Thanks a lot for making me feel better about myself. Thanks for being really nice. It is a feel good factor for me everytime I step into MagicHive    

Raji Ganesh

I am feeling fresh after attending the workshop. I am more aware of my thoughts, feelings and needs. Feeling empowered.   

Dr Rajani

Learnings: Understanding children, people. Being aware our emotions and responses. Made me think as to how I can be better. Subha gave us space to think and react. It was easy to relate with her as she focuses on daily situations. It made learning very comfortable.   


Since the time my son was born 5 years back, I always questioned myself about whether i am parenting in the right way. There were times when I was lost/confused/angry with myself or my child as I could not communicate well.
I then learnt about Chetana and attended the parenting workshop. It gave me a whole new perspective about how to help myself and and help my child. I also learnt a lot from the experiences of other participants.
Chetana lives up to its name as it raises the consciousness of the parents! Thank you Subha.   

Swetha Rao

I later attended your workshop on sex edcuation for children. I benefited immensely from the session. Your personal style of presentation and the interactive discussions were well received. Unlike the West where resources are available easily, there is a dearth of such resources/ platform for parents in India. Thank you for your excellent work. Keep going!   

Santosh Kurve

Subha’s approach has a personal touch. Her personal anecdotes, experience and simple examples helped me to connect to the concepts. The sessions were highly interactive. I could feel the warmth and the concern to reach out to each one of us. I could get a fair picture of what she was trying to deliver.   

Gowri H

1. I learnt more about myself, my beliefs and how it impacts my kids and family.
2. Parenting is a joint effort by a father and a mother to learn about each other, their beliefs about themselves and others and using that awareness to construct a family. Marriage and kids doesn’t entitle one to become a parent. Openness to learning, sharing and committing to the development of their kids is a first step towards becoming a good parent.
3. Everyone was surprised to see a father sitting among 10 mothers to learn parenting but I was surprised that not a single father was there in your class. But it gave a good perspective of how mothers think, their concerns in raising the kids and how as a father, I need to support and contribute to the family.
4. True success at the end of life doesn’t come from being called a ‘High achiever’ in one’s career. True success comes from peace in all areas of life whether it is work, family, money and community. Even if one pillar is not happy, we cannot be happy. Children grow up very fast and we should not regret later that we lost out on ‘living’ with them. If we want to achieve great things in career, then we need to first find the balance in life. Once we achieve the balance, we can succeed in anything.
5. To sum it up, Kids need our presence and not our presents. The i-pads, i-pods, the Wii’s cannot match the ‘Hide&Seek’ that I play with my kids.   

Vijay Anand

The sessions were very interactive. Subha clarified my doubts and provided a conducive and safe environment to share and grow. Thanks a lot. Lovely sessions.   


“After having attended Subhas workshop, the most important learning for me was how acknowledging and accepting the feelings of a child can make a big difference to the daily struggles that a parent goes through….”   


Lots of things that brings more awareness in one’s own communication style. It was thought provoking. It was great relating to real life situations. What I really liked a lot about the content was that it wasn’t cliche and it wasn’t preachy. It was very interactive. Great subject knowledge. Thanks.   


The concepts were rendered with a lot of simplicity and I find the learnings quite effective in not only dealing with children but has also helped me in understanding myself. Thanks Subha.   

Deepa Naik

Nice way to understand daily stress that we go through with real life examples. Very interactive and it was evident that the facilitator was very knowledgeable and a subject matter expert.   

Sneha Nanaware

You really brought in a great change in the way I think and deal with relationships with my daughter which is exactly what I wanted to learn from the workshop. Self awareness has really helped me to break my mind blocks in terms of my job too and keep up the good work!   

Sreedevi Gopalakrishnan

Easy going and very friendly. Interesting and fun.   

Rashmi Bharati

You break the myth that a trainer is perfect. By sharing problems at home you constantly reiterated that there are problems everywhere. The practical approach helps us to connect to the topics with ease. Keep it going ! You can have empowered another bunch of self aware people   

Aparna Ram

Friendly, open, non-judgmental, caring and guiding. Subha is evidently well versed in the subject. She is also very frank that it is an ongoing, ever changing, growing process. That was very helpful for me.   

Aparna Bhaskar

Thanks for giving me great hope and I think this workshop would make a change in my daughters life. She has mostly experienced my anger and anxiety. I have got the hope that I can bring up both my kids in a safe environment where they can experiment too.   

Uma Ram

The casual atmosphere is relaxing and conducive to learning. Activities create involvement and includes all participants. Real life examples helped the process of learning new stuff. Subha communicates with ease and the experience is evident.   


I just loved all the sessions. It has helped me and I am trying to apply when it is possible. My mind has opened up and I have become more self aware about things happening around me. Thanks Subha.   


Came to Chetana with the thought of being stuck in the never ending circle of parenthood and my takeaway is that it is ok to think that but the crux is to accept it and come out of it and carry on   

Gayathri S

I found it very useful but needs lot of effort to put into practise. I felt better that I am not too much out of track. I need continuous feedback to keep on track. Enjoyed the interaction with the group   


The space to express feelings and explore are crucial to a child`s development. The parenting sessions facilitated by Subha have enabled my husband and I to understand our son`s needs and feelings better. We are thankful to her for helping us examine our beliefs, develop new perspectives, become more self-aware and enabling parents.   

Prabha Venkatraman


At the Parenting Workshop, it was a journey to acquire new ways of looking at day to day things.

Things that were not so interesting up until now seem to be exciting

Challenges up until now seemed opportunities

Things which were scary seemed surmountable

In short – Life acquired a new meaning . . .

… The Journey Continues for me as well as at Chetana (Subha’s Pathshala )   

Mariyum Hasan

The session would help us widen our understanding of children, fire their intellect and facilitate them to think. I hope to incorporate more activities in my class. Topics like feelings and acknowledgement were good.
(NCS Session – June 2012)   

M Satyaveni

A well organized workshop to improve motivational skills among teachers.We had an interactive session covering beliefs, feelings, thoughts , individual perceptions, self esteem and these concepts were analyzed and teachers were able to exchange ideas too. It was a beautiful way of communicating learning skills for teachers.   

Vanka Lakshmi

After the workshop, we have a new dimension about thought, feelings and perceptions. Very interesting and innovative workshop. Would help us in many ways to understand our students and change our style of teaching
(Workshop for teachers at NCS, Vizag – June 2012)   

Nalini Kaith

The session made us take a long look at our classrooms and how we deal with children. It was engaging as well as informative. I found Ms Subha very warm and friendly. Her session was interactive and she was able to draw people out of their shells. I will now be more patient and a better listener
(Workshop for Teachers at the Naval Children School, Vizag – June 2012)   

Aparajitha Tomar

I have personally experienced Subhas work with parents and the kids. She is just superb, very passionate and experienced too. I highly recommend her workshops. These workshops will definitely help mothers and kids.   

Vaishali Hukkeri

l would love to give a big “thank you” to Prabha who introduced me to this parenting workshop…I am a mother of 2 lovely kids. This workshop took me to a whole new world..this is not a “one to one” discussion ..many mothers come up with different situations and i could relate to different situations.This workshop helped me to think differently and handle my kids in different situations. I understood they also want love and respect like we do. Also I came out from the cocoon where I used to think HOW can I be a good mother…
Subha is not only a guide for mothers, a sister ,a mother and most of all a true friend where we can always go and share our emotions.Thank you so much Subha for being there for us and looking forward to continue this journey with you…   

Hasangana Vijay

I have attended sessions with Subha during Dec 2011 till Feb 2012.

Before the sessions, I was a mom(my son is 5 years old) who would
1) Give directions to my child for every task
2) Praise him with adjectives ( excellent, good, awesome)
3) Instantly answer his questions ( load his brain with all facts)
4) Correct his actions than identify his feelings (Dont hit!!)

After Subhas sessions, I am a mom who
1) allows the child to experience the consequences of any task (subject to safety measures!)
2) Helps the child identify his strengths instead of using adjectives to praise him.
3) Allows the child to think and decide on his own.
4) Identifies his feelings before correcting the actions(Are you feeling angry?)

A child was teasing my son saying he was a baby driving on a cycle with side- wheels. I asked my son how he felt and what he wanted to do. My son drove away peacefully saying he would like to ignore. That is the power I have given to my child, thanks to Subha. Today, my son gives me choices to decide!!!   

V Mathangi

It was a highly informative and interactive session.Content was very well planned and meticulously executed.It was highly useful and apt to commence with this topic as the first workshop of the academic session.Activities were very interesting and could be performed easily by everyone   

Mrs Vijayalakshmi, Vice Principal, NCS

Multiple Intelligence was well covered. The example of Miley Cyrus learning the names of bones through a song was inspiring and can be used in the Class   

Mrs Vani, NCS Teacher

The Workshop was very interesting and engaging. The atmosphere was light and funfilled with learning happening with ease   

Ms Tanya, NCS Teacher

I have been interacting with Subha for the past 6 years. Interaction with her has helped me to understand myself, my needs and also understand others and their needs. Her sessions have made me look at life in a different perspective. I have understood that we behave in a certain way depending upon the situation and this behaviour is not connected with the person. I learnt it is wise to focus on feelings of the person and establish a connect with them through feelings rather than focus on the behaviour. Her sessions have helped me to connect with my children and people around me in a better way. I have practically experienced the magic when I connect with my students. It helps me to work with them in a much more effective way. Thanks Subha for this enlightenment.   

Latha Senthilnathan

The sessions gave me a very clear picture of where i stand as a parent.
It gave me better understanding of some stratergies i can use to aid my child grow as an individual.
At a very personal level, i enjoyed the weekly interactions with the group    

Rashmi Rao

The sessions have made me aware of the beliefs which we have been following for years and made me understand myself. After talking to Subha, I have found that there are options for every problem and we have to work on that continuously. Treating our children as an individual and giving respect to their feelings and thoughts really helped me a lot and I see lot of changes in my children. As we all share our experiences during the session we get more perspective of how to handle different situations.   

Vinothini Ananthkrishnan

I am a teacher with over 12 years of experience and teach children in the Secondary / Sr Secondary levels at the Naval Public School, Vizag. I have been consulting with Subha on various aspects of teaching and education over phone for almost a year now. I found the insights provided by Subha on various aspects of learning very useful and I apply these methods in my classes. It has provided me with options of connecting with my class children and also with my grown up kids. I have been asking her to take sessions for teachers in our school and I hope she would come down to Vizag sometime. I wish her all the best in her future pursuits.   

Ms Savitha Ravi

These sessions have made a very big difference in my life. As a person and as a mother of 2 wonderful kids, I realized I transformed slowly like a bud blooming into a beautiful flower. We have got power as parents and how we use that makes a lot of difference.It reminds me of the quote – Children have come from you to this world but they dont belong to you. Thanks a lot Subha for enhancing my self awareness. This has helped me reduce stress in life.   


These sessions have changed my way of thinking and helped me understand certain situations in my life in a much better manner. I realized a positive change in my perception towards life during the course. It helped me understand child behavior, self respect, feelings and how to deal with them in different situations. I also learned to analyze a situation and accept my mistakes at times. It is really a great feeling when you hear that your views/ suggestions have helped someone face or deal with a situation in a better way. I am thankful to Subha for sharing thoughts with us through structured presentations and many real life examples. I would definitely encourage my friends to take these sessions. It was just not learning but much more than that.   


The sessions helped me increase my awareness levels and question some of my belief systems.It made me aware that we carry a baggage of the ways our parents worked with us and unconsciously our actions are also based on that. This awareness, I feel, has helped me handle situations with children differently, helped me to empathize with them rather than blame or criticize them. Also, now I take time and think (OR TRY TO THINK) from their point of view.   

Mala Ashok

When you hear Subha talk, suddenly it seems like a whole new way to raise kids. All that you have gone thru as children and what you thought were sure shot ways to get thru to your child, now seem very skeptical and unreliable. All thru these sessions we were introduced to various aspects that touch the child in many ways and impact them, something we may never have noticed or even tried to. Seems like a whole new world, but the constant thought that comes to mind is, will it work? Well, the answer as Subha repeatedly puts across is, perseverance. You have to keep at it and you can certainly see it work. It is a long walk home, but if you keep at it, you can see the results.   

Raji Iyer

These sessions helped me in so many ways. I came out of my fear and the guilt feeling. Now, I am on my own. I am proud of myself. I realised that everybody has their own feeling and I am trying to understand their feeling and giving space for them also. Thank you soo..much.   


Everything! Its an eye opener   

Richa Handa

I am so thankful to Subha. I learned how to understand my child.   

Shailaja Prem

I feel positive about myself and am able to deal with my emotions.   

Kinjal Shah

My son had gone through several bad experiences, which had resulted in him being very aggressive. He had cornered himself from everyone and we were really worried. After the Play Therapy, he improved a lot. Began accepting people and situations around him. He became more tolerant and the aggression reduced considerably. We are really thankful to Subha for this wonderful improvement.   

Parent of a 4year old Child

Subha helped our teenage son who had struggling to cope with conflicts and fear of college academics. Her empathetic understanding, scientific approach in counselling enabled our son to rediscover his strengths. He has been performing exceeding well in academics and above all boldly faces the challenges.Thanks Subha.   

Vidyasagar Ganesan

I learnt about the importance of learning the process of thinking and instilling it in your child. The sessions provided me a different perspective of things around me. Subha was wonderful and really effective in reaching out and connecting to the participants.   


We as a family are implementing our learnings from the “Chetana” workshop. Thanks a lot Subha for the timely help for our son Vinay and ourselves. It has helped us change our thinking and we learnt how to move forward.   

Vidya Ganesan

I really do not have words for Subha. I was really skeptical about coming to a parenting session as I expected it to be too weird (with lots of questioning on our parenting style etc..). But you made it so comfortable for each of us that we were able to let go of our inhibitions and discuss everything with each other.
I am able to look at things from my son’s point of view now. My relation with my family has improved – be it with my son or husband. I am able to “own” up to my deeds. I have also stopped judging on anything and everything. The list goes on…. Thank you so much !   

Fahmiya Sajid

Subha is very good interested in clearing all of the doubts we had. The way she took the class was quite interesting.   

Mahalakshmi V

Simply awesome! I re-located from the US 8 years ago after spending almost 2 decades out there. I have attended numerous corporate programs/workshops. I must admit that since my return to India, “Chetana” is perhaps the best program I have attended. This is one workshop that I look forward to attending every week and do not get tired of attending… God bless in creating more…   

Vidyasagar Ganesan

Chetana was awareness for me in various aspects. With this awareness, I have started to see myself as “CAPABLE”. Capable to deal with my fears, anxieties and guilts (all which I feel as a mother). I have always thought about motherhood as a bundle of responsibilities and duties.
After Chetana, I look at it as a fun process of enjoying with my daughter. Taking up new challenges as opportunities to understand my daughter and connect to her better. I share a beautiful relationship with my daughter and my learnings from Chetana will enable me to nurture and strengthen this relationship further.   

Vaishali Khandwala

Excellent. Lots of energy and passion towards passing the learings. Chetana is a step towards human empowerment. Keen on attending the follow up sessions.   

Chinmayi Anantha

The Chetana program is truely one of its kind. Should you call it a parenting/stress management prog/ personality development prog? I don’t know. On the whole it really benefits the person attending it. It provides inputs that changes our way of approach to a problem, makes you more strong to tackle unexpected issues and also gives a lot of insight in working with relationships. I personally enjoyed attending Chetana because it made me realise that I am not alone and there are so many mothers travelling with me in my boat. I only wish I had known Subha twelve years back. Thank you Subha. Keep up the good work.   

Jayashree Devanand

‘chetana’ was an awesome experience of knowing myself as not only a parent but as an individual too.Being aware of ourselves can make a huge difference in our life as well to the society. Subha has presented everything in a very simple and well connected way.Look forward to get more from magichive.   

Neena Bakhahi

Chetana…..this workshop has been one of the good decision s I have taken in the recent past:’)
It has opened up my mind to look beyond what is obvious. Especially the part where we need to understand where our kids are coming from. For example simple things like your child misbehaving in someone’s house. ..would have made me reprimand my kid and compared her to other better behaved children around. ..
After chetana, that is one thing I would definitely not do. .  it is true that if we take a few moments to look at the situation, we can see that our child wants to do just one thing most of the time. ..which is to just have fun! ! And we pretty take them to task for that!
True , we are all human and can’t always be so tuned to being aware. ..but I guess its never too late to start making amends.Thanks subha for starting us off on this journey.   

Deepa Aluri Jhaveri

I think I have just started learning. Getting a new perspective in life. Unlearning whatever I’ve learnt before. Learning to see others perspectives too.   


Learnings: Understanding children, people. Being aware our emotions and responses. Made me think as to how I can be better. Subha gave us space to think and react. It was easy to relate with her as she focuses on daily situations. It made learning very comfortable.   


Learnings: Acceptance of other person/situation, compassion towards the person, communication without violence, to be non-judgemental and that I always have choices in every situation. Subha is amazing. She is so so accessible and that makes me so comfortable to open up.



I learnt to connect with my child and understand things from their point of view. To be compassionate with my family and people around me. Thanks a lot for making me feel better about myself. Thanks for being really nice. It is a feel good factor for me everytime I step into MagicHive    

Raji Ganesh

Key learnings were feelings, communication, association. It was really useful and enjoyed the experience.   


Revisiting Chetana concepts was good. Subha was as usual graceful and explains concepts well with real life examples. Brings in lot of relevance.   

Prathibha Rao

Key learning from the sessions is to connect to people. Subha’s communication is clear. The way she presents is very impressive. Thanks a lot, Subha.   

Rajeshwari. K

Learnt how connecting with my child’s feelings make such a huge difference. Learnt many key skills on dealing with his and my emotions.   


Learnt how to reduce negative vibes and introduce positivity in life. Learnt how to love life as it comes to you.

‘ Subha is a very cheerful person,
A friend I would like to know,
Chetana is a class where I make new friends,
A very peaceful place to go,
Lots of sharing, lots of caring,
Lots of tears too,
But in the process I learnt
to love myself too!!   

Kripa M

I could relate to many things and it helped me to understand myself and my child.   

Nidhi Nagarajan

Learnt to understand myself, accept myself and others. Connecting with my feelings and breaking the strong beliefs I carried with me. Subha is a very expressive person who connects well with the participants. Her non-judgemental approach and acceptance of people is what I like in her.   


I have learnt many things. I have learnt how to handle situations in a better manner. Subha has taught me how to look at life without thinking about the past. She has taught me to think about myself    

Asha Singh

I became aware of many things which I did not know earlier eg: motivation, connection. I have learnt to be more patient and the 6 C’s has helped me in many ways in my personal life. Thank you    

Pavithra G.N

I learnt many things:

-questioning beliefs

– frustration to challenge zone

-as much as I am entitled to my feeling the other is entitled to theirs. Would like to attend the same topics for reinforcement.   

Pranesh Subbarao

Had a great time. I would’nt like to call it a “Parenting Session”. I would say understand and be aware. The sessions are really bringing a change in me   

Geetha Suresh

Awareness :))  in all aspects I would say. Thanks for making it happen.   

Vidya Viswanath

It is an awareness session about doing things in a manner enjoyable to both the child and the parent. Experiential and powerful. Lots to learn and execute. That is where the fun is !!   

Arindam Das

An eye opener in the real sense. The workshop made me think about the others perspective to all things in life. Thanks a lot. The journey begins here…   

Ranjani Kulkarni

It really helps me to think in different way. I can say I started thinking. Thank you for everything.   

Mimi Das

Chetana helped me to know myself and I was able to see situations in a different angle and face it which gives me peace of mind.   

Ramya S

It is a different experience for me. It made me open up new avenues of life. Multiple intelligence topic rocked !   

Guha Priya

I am really happy to have done the chetana workshop. This program gave me back my confidence I had lost. It made me realize what I want as a person and analyze things in a rational manner. The follow up sessions were an eye opener.Thanks Subha for encouraging me whenever I needed with lots of patience   

Lakshmi Priya

It’s a little more than a year since i first started coming to magichive.
It has been very useful and i am very very thankful to Mrs.Subha and magichive.
There have been many occasions this past year where i have said a ‘silent thank you’ in my mind to Mrs.Subha.
Parenting needs more skill than anything else we do because thats’s going to stay forever.
Saying the right things is extremely important.
There are many many things i have done and said differently than before which has made tremendous difference in our lives.
I am happy to say my kid is happy and she does not have the pressure of being the big sister.
Thanks to Mrs.Subha.   

Priya Sudalai

Topics were taken through very well. Facilitator ensured that each of us was comfortable. I am peaceful within and I am able to connect to my daughter / other people.   

Vidya Ramani

Subha has a very nice way to interact with us which makes us open up and share. The whole process is very interactive and yes no frills attached and that is the best part. All the topics are interesting and I would like to have more on empowerment.
For me personally, the major learning areas were connecting, understanding the feelings and thoughts. I have learnt how to react and response appropriately.   

Pratima Hegde

The experience with the facilitator has been amazing. Major learning was peace of mind, connecting with my son in ways that I was not aware of.   

Anu Prasad

Subha through Chetana has helped me relate to and understand things which I had not expected myself. I am really happy that I attended Chetana. I became aware of how much more choice I can give my kids and how connecting to them helps.   


It helped in knowing more about myself. Has been helpful with bonding with my child. Major takeaway has been in accepting myself and being comfortable with myself and at peace.   

Najma Mustafa

The sessions were very satisfactory. After the sessions, I am feeling more confident with kids getting more aware of their feelings and needs.   

Divya Saxena

Subha is a very good listener. The sessions was empowering and enabled us to discover solutions. I love her expressions which makes the class very lively and energetic. It did not bore me at all. The sessions enabled me to make my kid think on his own and empower him to become independent.   


I learnt about acceptance, connection, choices.It was an awesome experience, Subha, you have actually opened my eyes, the way I look at things, etc. Thanks a lot!   

Smriti Khandelwal

Key learnings was acceptance, motivation, communication, forgiveness, MI
Subha is fantastic, non-judgemental. Somewhere, whenever I see her, I get connected to her instantly. She has some kind of magic in her    

Prabha Krishna

Accepting myself and accepting others. Letting go. Not to be eager to jump to conclusions about others. Everything Chetana taught was an eye-opener in its own way. Keep doing the good work. Subha, is one of a kind person. Really glad I met you.   


Acceptance, forgiveness, being assertive and much more. I wish this should spread to more people. Subha is trustful, ready to listen, non-judgemental. She is available when we require and easy to connect to. Thanks a lot !   

Harleen Mann

I learnt about myself first and my children. I would like Chetana to be a longer workshop.   

Gayathri .V

Thank you Subha!   


Key learnings included connection with my son. Accepting the current situation I am in. Subha has shown, expressed compassion and warmth. I know for sure that I have a friend who is willing to listen without any judgement. Thanks Subha! This was meant to be!!!   


I enjoyed the program, which was very different from day to day work. I am interested in coming back for more workshops.   


Key learnings included self esteem, images, intentions are positive. The first topic on reflections and consequences helped me to change as a person and could see the acknowledgement from my daughter and mother. Subha, you are exceptional. I was tired and was on the way of giving up in many instances on dealing with my daughter, now its a totally different situation at home  Thanks a lot !!   


6 C’s and 3 A’s. Mindfulness, Association and Dissociation. Pleasant change ahead. Reaffirmation that I am in the right direction.I feel this program would help lot/lots of parents. Excellent facilitator, facilitated with compassion. Thanks for the Awareness, Acceptance and Action.   


Being connected with the person, reinforced me of being aware of my thoughts and accept myself. I felt comfortable to talk and ask questions to the facilitator. The environment felt safe to share.   


Everything I learnt here is like seeing same things from a different angle. I can see a lot of transformation within myself  I am more compassionate to self and family as well as others.
Thank you so much Subha, for making me think on areas I overlooked esp parenting. I am sure to bring changes in my perception towards self and others I deal with.   

Shubha Balakrishnan

The program was very good!
Things learned by me:
a) Patience
b) Other person’s viewpoint is important
c) Listening to my child, instead of shouting or scolding him
d) Empathy towards my child
e) Understanding that my child has needs and it does not make sense to use LOGIC everytime
f) I need to spend more time with my child (realisation)
Things that can be improved in this program – cannot think of any.
All in all a great programe, I never knew that parenting consists of all these basic but important points. I used to always use logic but now know there’s more to it.   

Prashant Nayak

Subha is incredible! The Chetana Workshop was wonderful! I found there were other women with similar issues and felt less alone. This was a safe, nurturing place to learn and discuss some deep, hard and vulnerable truths. Learning how to apply skills to my circumstances has helped me to have a healthy balance in my life.We learned how to deal with difficult people and issues, which is so important in all aspects of life. I felt upbeat and motivated after each session and looked forward to meet again. Subha led the group with knowledge, warmth and laughter.

Like the director of a movie about your life, you can direct your mind, your body, and your emotions in such a way as to put different behaviors out there other than what you have been doing, thereby optimizing others’ experience of who you are. Of even greater importance, it optimizes others’ experience of themselves as a result of interacting with you.

I would highly recommend this workshop to all . I suggest this is attended by both men & women much before their marriage.
Chetana “woke me up” to my authentic self, and taught me how to live a more whole-hearted life, which I am trying to implement daily!

Thank you for this wonderful experience! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to the first workshop.I learnt the truth: leadership starts with self-awareness. I’m glad to have found it.   

Gayathri Gopalakrishnan

Learnt every behaviour has a positive intention. I often feel distress looking at someone’s behaviour and do not trust easily. But with the above learning, I can learn to trust more easily. Everyone is capable of changing. It was very interactive and personalised. There was deep thinking behind concepts shared.   

Chitralekha Pati

Chetana has started changing my life and it is a magical experience. I have started thinking and becoming aware of my needs as well as others needs. Learnt to believe and respect myself.The biggest takeaway is that Parenting can be a beautiful journey if we as parents take it easy on ourselves and on our children as well. Thank you, Magichive and thanks Shubha.   


Chetana is not just about parenting.I have learnt a lot in chetana.I have changed.I stop to think before i do something and many times that saves the situation.I am more aware of myself now.I am more comfortable with the way I handle my kids. Chetana is some kind of transformation and you rightly named your place ‘Magic Hive’.Magic does happen there.Subha is a person with so many strengths. She is a great trainer.   


I have been really fortunate and lucky to have known you and Magicchive.

I was so confused with the way my son used to behave and I used to apply logic ( I did not know it then ) to solve any issues. Knowing you and your technique of acknowledge, Identify needs and so many other learnings I have had from you has helped me understand how to handle situations .Things seem to be better now and I think if I am consistent with my efforts in applying your theory , I hope to make the connection with my son.Thanks for all the help , you have been a god send for me.   


Chetana has been not only a parenting but also a life guide for me. Your words constantly ring in my subconscious reminding me not to be so hard on myself and on my kids. After all kids are kids and it is all part of their growing up. The examples and tips you give are so very practical and easy to follow. In short Chetana really enlightened me and am very happy to be part of the Chetana family.   


‘To be at peace’ is my current phase. This workshop has made me understand more about it by ‘letting go of things in life’. I am now learning to be more aware of ‘Needs’ and ‘Feelings’ by actually connecting. I would say that the backend or the hardware is being focussed on more than the software/application or front end.
A well rounded method has been adopted. An introduction of various topics was an eye opener. Personally this could have been a weekend session. Although, retrospectively this kind of prolonged session do carry more value and introspection.
The whole session was successful because of the facilitation. She most definitely has a charm and genuineness that is very arresting. She is very intelligent in using her own life experiences which made it reliable and practical.   


Learnt and aware of thoughts, feelings, needs, behaviour etc. I feel optimistic I can also so things which I had trouble moving ahead, stuck with beliefs now I am relieved.
Very interactive and practical examples which made the explanation more clear.
This workshop was an effective interactive session.
Thanks for helping me to change myself for the betterment of my children.   


My major learning area was communication, mindful and the session about associate and dissociate.
This has helped me as a person to think out of the box and then respond to the situation.
The process is very good, first understanding feeling, thoughts, motivation- ,main – communication and motivation not only with children with others too.
Subha is wonderful person very comfortable to share any thing and her experience on this very go
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be part of chetana.   


The session as a whole was very interesting and made me feel great. Made me open up. Loved the activities.
More than theory there was activity which was helping us relax and learn. The process in which the session is taken is good. No flaws.
Subha carries the session very well, in terms of explanation, eg. The facilitator wants each and everyone of us in the session to put out our thoughts or discuss the problem that is bothering us.   


Learning: Feelings – communication- connection, motivation, self esteem
Takeways: How to motivate and implement self esteem in my kids.
To understand there is a better way ..and learnt to control my anger on my kids
Excellent way
Simple for every person to understand
Subha is an excellent mentor she has changed my perspective into looking into some matters in a diff way which does not create any stress on me   

Vidhya Sunil

Major learnings : Connection/Understanding, Structuring, Mindfulness. Simple workshop which makes all of us from different backgrounds feel same. Very relaxing and good sharing. Subha could connect with everyone easily. Thank you !   


Learning areas: -Accepting our children the way they are
– Importance of giving them independence
I am leaving with the thought that I have learnt a few new new ideas how to be with my kids. Connecting with the feelings is extremely important. The sessions were good as it incorporated real life examples, discussions, videos and activities.
Subha knows her subject well. She encourages us to break the stereotypical thought process we have. Keep up the good work.   

Nitin Nigam

Overall learning of all topics was really good.Lots of takeaways coming up which helps us to overcome our fears of day to day life. The sessions were in detail and very easy to understand the way it was communicated. Thank you for enlightening our minds and giving us tips to follow a better living. You have definitely created a difference in our lives.   

Smitha Raju

Learnt how to connect with my kids in a better way and I feel happy about being a part of chetana. Thank you!   


Learnt: Developing thinking skills, self esteem, beliefs- changed in different ways, motivation- self confidence, praise- feelings, gratitude-focus. Positive reinforcement, increased confidence, concentration, m ation. She has a very friendly way of reaching out to everybody. Positive vibes… Innovative activities and also new interesting ones. She is very good (probably the best) in what she does. Has a vast knowledge on what she is saying. Keep up the good work.   

Elika Ghosh

The session on feelings was quite interesting. Intentions sessions also make me learn a lot not only about myself but also about my own self. The style and the way of delivery of the session was totally a new concept for me and also an all new experience. Facilitators knowledge regarding all the perspectives was quite appreciable. I learnt a lot new things that I can relate with my real life and also with children that am working with. The sessions were too good.   

Vartica Agarwal

Learnings: Connect with your children’s feelings and emotions.
Not to be in a hurry for their growth/accomplishment as per your need. Give them space and treat them like human beings.
It couldn’t have been better  I felt as if you had known me for years with the kind of examples you shared.It was one of the most beautiful workshops and looking forward for a long association. Be the way you are and keep creating value in other’s lives.   

Nidhi Nigam

Accept authentically. Very interesting by including activity and be a part of it. The interaction with the facilitator is so powerful that I can even imagine her at any point of time when handling the situation. Thank you !   


Very powerful speaker, good sense of humor and keeps participants focused. The usage of real stories, activities and games to make a point was excellent. Would like to come again.   

Nipun Bhat, Class 10, Brigade School, JP Nagar

The Workshop was perfect. I enjoyed discovering my personal values, about my purpose and the divergent thinking exercises. I am reasonably clear about what to do now. The facilitator was excellent.   

Harsh Katti, Class 10, Kumaran School

Excellent communication and clarity of the speaker. I learnt how to prioritize my goals, think divergently, discover my personal values, bring structure to setting goals, being mindful, having gratitude, develop attitude etc. Please keep this process as it is wonderful and helpful in many ways.   

Rahul Vittal Rao, Class 10, Sri Sri Ravishankar School

I loved this workshop because it related all the activities to various concepts. It made it easy to understand and relate to the ideas and use of real life examples were excellent. I learnt about observation skills, associations, strategies, beliefs, choices etc..   

Sunaina Boddu, Class 9, Ryan International School

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