Non-Violent Communication based Workshop

The problem with communication is that we don’t achieve our objective. So we end up having to use the language of force. It rapidly goes downhill and we get stuck in a battle with the other person.

No one wants to communicate ineffectively.

So many times we bang our heads repeatedly against the wall trying to get the other person to understand what we mean. Other times we utter words that we wish we could take back. Communication or the lack of it can cause relationships to grow or fall apart. Instead, what if we were able to communicate in a way that facilitated a deepening of the relationship?

No one wants to communicate using the language of force.

What if we are able to communicate in a manner that is compassionate instead of forceful, connection instead of disconnection, and authenticity instead of compromise? While we understand the need for compassion, connection, and authenticity, they are not always easy to achieve. Where do we start? How do we proceed?

Announcing “The Non-Violent Communication” Workshop at Magichive.

The language we use comes from the way we think. When we are aware of our thoughts, feelings, and needs the language that we use is clear, and enriching for self and others. NVC is a process that helps us get that clarity and brings compassion to our thoughts, language, and actions.

Self Empathy and Empathy for others enrich our lives and are a contribution to others. You will explore with us this process. This workshop of compassionate communication will not just widen your way of looking at things, it will also help in connecting and contributing to the world around you with compassion.

And here’s why this workshop is so important.

Gone are the days when power or role or authority dictated who would listen to us. Communication wasn’t necessarily about connection but just about the flow of information.

The world around us has changed rapidly.
We are struggling to communicate using the old thinking models with our children, spouses, colleagues and even teams. In a world that is being rapidly filled with people who are constantly on their phones with other people instead of being completely present with physically whoever they are with, it is imperative that we communicate in a way that holds attention and presence.

There are 3 hallmarks of a robust communication system that makes it easy for you to communicate using attention and presence. So what are they?

Easy to Understand: Simple enough to explain to a 10-year-old
Easy to Audit: This is the litmus test of the system. As soon as you use it, you’ll know if it is working or not.
Easy to Implement: You could be woken up in the middle of the night, and you’ll be able to use this framework instantly.

What will be covered in the sessions?

Stage 1: Working with the Self

How to increase the options of response in a given situation (even an impossible situation).
What are the ways to generate empathy for self?
How to communicate honestly and openly in line with your intentions and objectives.
How can you tap into your own resources to handle any kind of situation in your life?
Why it is important to learn to be in one’s own presence.
How can you identify, access, and work with your own needs?
How can you get more clarity with your thinking process?
What are the ways to use this tool to make a decision?
How to enable creating valuable insights in everyday situations instead of going to a lockdown meditation retreat where you hope to be magically transformed.
Why is self-expression important in working with oneself?
How this process helps you to increase your self-awareness and clarify your own values.
Why is this technique a practical application of mindfulness in everyday life?
How working with self develops critical thinking abilities.
How can you bring about personal transformation, develop patience and cultivate courage?

Stage 2: Understanding the Other

How to develop active listening skills.
Why increasing your power of observation is crucial for better communication.
Why developing compassion for others can help you to understand them better.
How to accept others for who they really are instead of wishing that they would change.
Connect with others easily.
How can you empathize with the other person?
How can you get in touch with what’s alive in the other person?
Why understanding the other person’s needs can help your communication by leaps and bounds.
How can you see behind the harsh words the other person says for what the person truly intends?
How can you respond to the other person’s needs and feelings?

Stage 3: Communicate with Connection

How can you move from resolving to transforming conflicts into an opportunity for a deeper connection?
How can you get your needs met with “No Manipulation” Communication?
How to use the process as a Mediation Tool.
How to handle negotiations at a deeper level that increases connection and improves the chances of both parties getting what they want.
What can you do to create warmth in your interactions with others?
How can you communicate in sticky situations?
How can you respond compassionately to a difficult person?

What’s the uniqueness of a Magichive Workshop?

The key to learning isn’t truckloads of information, but depth. In this workshop, we will go into great detail on every aspect of the NVC technique in which the nitty gritty, potential pitfalls, and multiple examples will be explained, and then you will get an opportunity to put this into action and get loads of practice!

The content of the workshop can be delivered in less than 2 hours

But the workshop is spread over 8 sessions so that the participant gets lots of mental space to absorb and practice the material over and over again. This helps the participant to learn without information overload and the overwhelm that accompanies traditional workshops. The workshop is structured with the participant’s needs in the center which enables them to get maximum learning and value out of the workshop.

Our Magichive system ensures fluency, familiarity, and skill, not just tons of information.

That’s what makes a Magichive workshop unique.

Feedback from Participants

I have been waiting for the NVC training from 3 months, one of the most important traits I had to acquire to enjoy a better and coordinated life with people around me.

This was no doubt a huge lacuna in my life. I sometimes wonder how I didn’t identify this skill gap and the options available to fulfill this need. As I finish this session today, I reflect on how my life would have been different had I acquired these skills years ago.

While there are a lot of learnings learned as part of NVC, I would like to share some learnings which I initiated implementing immediately.

1. The “ Pause “ – Pause for me was nothing other than dictionary meaning – short break, which has now become the mother word among all other words. The word “ Pause” is now
giving me the freedom to respond/act based on Observation and Stimulus. The STATEMENT AUTO PILOT MODE and the action to be dumped and aim to become open
to new ideas, experiences and activities.

2. What do I always Own? – “ The choice I make “: The consequences – Desirable or Non Desirable I own complete ownership and thus slowly and steadily strive to remove the word
“blame” from the dictionary.

3. Black and White, Good and Bad – are just again words that I aim to remove from my dictionary. These are only perspectives, which do not have a definite meaning. This gives
me the freedom to work with people without a fixed mindset and achieve desired outcomes which may not happen always but at least give me the joy of making that 50% attempt
towards the solution instead of beating myself for not being able to get desired results

4. Understanding needs, thoughts, and feelings – Had very limited needs and feelings in my dictionary, While evaluating the doer sees only 1 or 2 of his needs to be met and 0 or 1
the need of the receiver. The feelings and needs cards make me reflect, be open to other feelings and apply confident solutions.

5. Self-Empathy – Understanding the needs as well as strategies of people around us, indicates the need to work with a higher level of confidence as well a connection. This act loudly
brings out the need to give ourselves a lot of self-empathy so that I understand myself, my needs, and my aspirations and thus create a kind, conducive environment to inspire people and
work towards common goals.

Finally, Sharing my Love with Subha for working through the program with her heart, mind, and soul. And the participants sharing enriching experiences, the support as well as the biggggggggggggggg hug you gave me after I shared the uneasy movement. And the final learning which I implemented today and am glad about is the choice that I made to share about comfortable and uncomfortable situations.

– Sindhu, Bangalore

“A lot of previous beliefs that I carried about myself and others began to melt away. I have become more open to the possibility of operating from the feeling of love, compassion and acceptance towards myself and others.”

The self-awareness journey that I began with Chetana brought significant changes in the way I saw life, with new insights about myself, my surroundings, and others. But there were certain parts that were missing when it came to being able to connect with people around me.

NVC was a process that fixed those missing jigsaw puzzles of life. It was very helpful to understand that the power to observe, pause, reflect, respond and choose lies within each one of us and that whatever the situation may be we are capable of empathizing with our needs and also the needs of others.

A lot of previous beliefs that I carried about myself and others began to melt away. I have become more open to the possibility of operating from the feeling of love, compassion, and acceptance toward myself and others.

This NVC process is more like mindfulness for me where I don’t get attached to a thought, feeling, need or experience instead I am able to observe ‘what is. As I experience this process I would like to say that the space from where I am operating right now has brought about a major shift in the energy field around me and this makes it so much easier to breathe.

Subha, I am really happy to have had this opportunity to experience such a life-changing process under your able guidance, support, love, and care. You have simplified so many complex things for me due to which I am finally able to acknowledge my feelings, and needs and am willing to take concrete steps toward meeting my goals.

Also, I would like to thank all my co-participants for making this journey really special and meaningful by sharing their insights and experiences.

– Ritu, Bangalore

“I had a lot of aha moments and insights that have made me understand a lot of things that I’ve been struggling with. “

Here are my 3 key insights…..

1. Safe Place: The safe place mentally and physically that Subha and everyone created helped me to feel safe and stay with a lot of things that came up during the sessions. This safe place is what I will strive to create in my connection with others, by suspending judgment, gathering facts, and listening with empathy.

2. Not this or that, but this and that: What was really powerful for me and quite a big relief was that I don’t have to be a giraffe, nor do I need to strive to be 100% giraffe at every interaction. The aspiration is to increase my awareness to know which space I am operating from and to consciously chose the space from which I am interacting.

3. Price to pay: I had an intellectual understanding that one should be kind to oneself, otherwise any kind of change remains unsustainable. But today I understood that emotionally in my heart that there is a big price to pay for withholding kindness to oneself. The price is paid in a lot of myriad ways and results in a disconnection with my body, mind, spirit, and myself. It is very taxing to be judgemental, critical, brutal, and cruel to be oneself.

I’ve never met Subha, but my first interaction with her convinced me that this workshop would be a game-changer for me. She’s someone who by virtue of openness, humor, acceptance, and balance created a safe space in which all of us were able to interact. She’s an amazing facilitator who handles tricky situations with the response and not the reaction. It was a treat to watch her conduct her workshop as she role plays situations. There’s so much I learned from just watching her.

Finally, the group – it was such a privilege and an honor to have been given unconditional acceptance and love from the group and to also listen to personal stories – which was an inspiration to me. Thanks to all of you 

– Shirisha, Bangalore

What does the Training Method entail?

This workshop is dedicated to doing one thing – helping you to practice the principles of non-violent communication to deepen your connection and relationships with other people. It’s not just the connection with other people, but also with yourself. The workshop will be an enriching experience that will be the beginning of a powerful personal transformation.

Here are some of the key features of the workshop.

Practice the concepts:
One of the biggest issues in workshops and training is the flow of information. Although the trainer doesn’t intend to do that, excess information overwhelms the audience. It’s like overloading your buffet as you try to sample everything, and feeling sick and stuffed later. Not a good feeling 🙁 In a Magichive workshop, you’ll be given one piece of information but with depth. Learning doesn’t have to be painful, it can be fun and unhurried too! That’s what you’ll experience as you practice the concepts and wire them into your brain for good.

“Right Size” Groups
One of the coolest parts of a Magichive workshop is “Right Size” Groups. For our workshops, we accept no more than 12 participants, and even within that group, you will work in small groups of size 3-4 people. You are always interacting with a few people, and not trying to work with everyone in the room.

Especially Handpicked Workshop Participants
The people in your group make a big deal of difference in what and how you learn. That’s why you’ll find that we handpick our workshop participants. Our workshops aren’t insanely marketed, in fact, they are barely marketed at all! You’ll find the people in the workshop to be open, kind, and hard-working. They’ll engage in lots of interaction, ask questions and be willing to listen.

What This Workshop is NOT about?

This workshop is not a silver bullet that will magically solve your problems overnight. You will have to apply these tools consistently on yourself and in your interaction with others to achieve success.
This workshop is not about gaining mastery over a particular language, instead, it is about thinking differently about communication using the tools we teach you irrespective of which language you communicate in.
This workshop is not about changing who you are fundamentally, instead it is about seeing and accepting yourself for who you are and communicating from a place of authenticity.


Free Access to all repeat NVC workshops at Magichive

NVC is a concept that deepens as you practice. It is like a magic well that gives you more as you draw from it. Because we would like you to practice and use NVC in your everyday life, we offer you free access to lifelong attendance at NVC workshops held by Magichive. You will have the opportunity to practice and deepen your communication on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the workshop being held?
The workshop is being held at Magichive, #305, 7th Main, 5th Cross, RBI Layout, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore.
(Right now the workshop is online on the zoom platform)

What are the dates and timings of the workshop?
Will be updated regularly in the upcoming events calendar

Who is conducting the workshop?
Subha Parthasarathy

How do I sign up right away?
Use the form in this page.  We will keep you posted on future workshops even if you miss a workshop.  We try to hold the NVC workshops 4-5 times a year. You can also drop an email.

What happens if I can’t attend for some reason?
There will be no refunds, but you are welcome to attend the workshop at a later date.

For Further Reading

Here are some recommended resources on Non-Violent Communication.

Marshall Rosenberg’s book “The Non-Violent Communication”
Marshall’s introduction to NVC Seminar:

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