October 30, 2013

Punishment how effective?


To punish kids, very simply, is to make something unpleasant happen to them — or prevent them from experiencing something pleasant – usually with the goal of changing their future behavior. The punisher makes them suffer, in other words, to teach them a lesson.[1]

Fundamental questions about the wisdom of this approach may suggest themselves even before we look at the results of scientific investigations. For example, it may occur to us to ask How likely is it that intentionally making children unhappy would prove beneficial in the long run? And: If punishment is so effective, how come I have to keep doing it to my child over and over? (Alfie Kohn)

How will Impositions of writing a whole page of ‘I will go swimming’ help the child. The child either develops and attitude of ‘I don’t care’ or a fear of displeasing the teacher. How will it help the child to become responsible ???
It brings out the helplessness of the adult to connect with the child 

”Control breeds the need for more control, which is used to justify the use of control.” ~ Alfie Kohn


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