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Success and Failure..

Failure is the stepping stone to success.. What does it mean? What does success really mean? Success is opposite to failure… We use these words not just for situations, even

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Chetana (Jan -Feb 2020)

An enriching experience with another set of wonderful people willing to explore their journey with us. Thankful to them for the opportunity given to us. What some participants had to

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How one can make requests ..

There’s a quote from Mario Puzo’s book famously known as the movie, “The Godfather”.  Let  me paraphrase what Don Corleone says about doing favours for other people; it is like

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Parenting is a journey and it is helpful to understand ourselves to be more connected and effective as a parent. Another set of Chetainites starting their journey with us. Gratitude

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Mindfulness session @ HSBC

Mindfulness session for a group in HSBC. Grateful for the opportunity and thankful that participants were open to the exercises and found value in it.

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Session @ Chiguru Montessori

Got an opportunity to work with parents of Chiguru Montessori. It was an open session with activities and discussions. Parenting is a skill and can be a joyful journey if

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Session @ St.Joseph

Session @St Joseph Boys School. It was interesting to note how some students were willing to try something new and how some were worried about failing. Children stop themselves out

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NVC workshop

What alienates us from each other, is it the language or is it the space we come from. Acceptance or judgement. We explored this and more in our NVC workshop.

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Ganesha workshop

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! Thank you Vinothini for facilitating the Ganesha making workshop @magichive. All participants patiently worked with their creation and each one was mesmerizing. Thank you! 🙏

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CHETANA (August)

Chetana: A journey with more possibilities and perspectives. An enriching experience, thanks to the participants being so open to sharing and learning. Grateful and wishing all of them the best!!

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