February 24, 2020

Chetana (Jan -Feb 2020)

An enriching experience with another set of wonderful people willing to explore their journey with us. Thankful to them for the opportunity given to us.
What some participants had to say about the program :
‘This workshop has really really helped me to open up to these possible perspectives, and tools and not importantly taught me to be just present..’
‘My key takeaway has been to continue working with NVC as a tool and focus on self-empathy and connection with self. Also, I was excited to learn about Multiple Intelligence as a learning framework and am keen to explore that a little more. The point about the difference between “doing” and “being” was a eureka moment for me. It really helped me to understand my “mid-life crisis” and the frustrations I have had with my career. This workshop has helped me to have a better view of how I have been raised as a child, what I could focus on, and what are my options right now. It also helped me understand how all that could influence the way I treat myself and others. Of course, awareness, acceptance, and action are not a linear process and it is going to take a few turns of the circle to make peace with it. But I am glad to have started on the journey, thanks to you. ‘
‘ it’s a wonderful experience and want to be part of more such workshops this has changed my perception personally to an extent IAM able to handle situations in more easy way’

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