Mandala workshop

Practicing being in the present through Mandala. Belief of cannot draw was challenged, don’t have patience was challenged. Participants felt relaxed, satisfied and refreshed in the process. Thank you to all for exploring with enthusiasm and openness. 🙏

Anger workshop @ Magichive

Anger an emotion which helps us to look deeper into ourselves to understand our needs which are not met. When we are in touch with our needs, we stop blaming and judging and get in touch with our feelings beneath the anger. A two day workshop on working with this emotion. Thank you to the very willing participants for being part of this process.

Ganesha making @ magichive

Thank you to Roopa Kulkarni, Vinothini and Latha for facilitating the process of making Ganesha @magichive. It was a charged atmosphere where families sat together, bonded and made their Ganesha with loving hands. Thank you and happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all!