June 28, 2013

Parent shares…

Rashmi Rao : Something I thought I should share……. Day before yesterday my son went into a panic mode, not finding his social class work book. It was almost 9 at night, he seemed so scared and lost. He was searching and throwing things in every corner of the house. As he expressed he had 2 concerns, 1- his book is missing & his home work is not complete. 2- he had to rewrite his entire book , almost 15-16 pages. I really kept my cool, did not scold for the mess he was making. Instead, I sat and spoke to him about how he felt. There was tears in his eyes & he hugged me saying “he was not sure what to do next”. I was so tempted to give solutions and offer help…but held on. Just kept on discussing what we could do. He came up on his own
1-he will go & check with his friends , if some one has found his book
2-he wanted me to write a note in the diary, in case he did not find his book
3-he took an extra-new book, he said ,if he did not find the book he would have to start copying.So he wanted to start at the earliest.

Although I was not ok writing the note, I rather wanted him to express to his teacher on his own. I wrote a note , but did not add an excuse note in it.

He looked really fine after this and went off to sleep peacefully.

I felt good, I usually scold him, or take his anxieties in a very light way or offer solutions. I managed to do none of these.

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