January 28, 2012

Neuerth Kids, Benson town, Bangalore – 28th Jan – Interaction with parents

We had a lively and interesting session with the parents of Neuerth Kids, Benson town today between 10 AM and 12 PM. Parents had queries on “the choice of dress a child wears for a party” / “parental control” / “dealing with children who hit,pinch, bully..” / “shy child who does not talk too much” etc.. We explored many of these queries through activities / games.

Some of the feedbacks –
“The session was really worth it. Looking forward to more such sessions “- Geetha Kumari, Teacher
“Very informative and educative . Made us aware of so many things. You made us think differently.” – Shahala Firdose, parent
“Thought provoking. Looking forward to more such sessions” – Sindhu, Teacher
“Very interactive. Would surely want to try out some of the ideas with my kids” – Aijaz Rahi, Parent
“I liked the concept of the child and the flower. Wish we could have more such sessions in the future” – Abdul Mateen, Parent
“Healthy and very helpful interaction. Planning to try some of the ideas with my kids ” – Iram, Parent

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