January 26, 2012

Neuerth Kids, JP Nagar 7th Phase – 26th Jan – Session with parents

Had a 2 hour interactive session with parents of Neuerth Kids, JP Nagar 7th Phase, RBI Layout, Bangalore between 10AM and 12 PM on 26th Jan 2012. We focused on providing perspectives to child development / parent-child relationship that enabled parents to explore options in addressing situations/long term issues.

Some of the feedbacks

“The session was excellent, very helpful. It left me thinking in a different way of handling my child. Opens up parents mind to rethink about the child” – Lakshmi, Parent
“As a first timer, experiencing a session like this, its been quite thought provoking. Time was a constraint. Thanks for your time” – Sudeep Nambiar, Parent
“Totally agree with your thoughts – I think everything begins with self awareness. Thank you so much.” – Thankam
“It was a pleasant interactive session which made me think. I enjoyed it thoroughly and would look forward to more”-Preeti Gomkale
“It was informative. But so many things went unanswered” – Geetha Krishnan

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