February 10, 2016

Revisiting Classics..

Revisiting classics ended with children coming up with a puppet show in a very short time. They used hand made puppets and the dolls available to come up with a show on ‘The wizard of Oz’. They came out of their inhibitions and enjoyed doing the show. Thanks to Latha for making classics such an enjoyable read. Thank you to parents for their valuable feedback:
” My son is off comics and has started reading Harry Potter with interest”
”My child has become interested in reading and picks up books”
”My child is reading books other than Geronimo”

“The workshop has been instrumental in helping Adi read non-picture books! It was lovely to see him read the classics :-)”

They are looking forward for more such workshops which encourage children to explore and learn in a relaxed manner without the pressures of testing.


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