January 17, 2015

Empowering Children ..

empowerWe want our children to be independent, decision makers, problem solvers, loving, compassionate people. We are doing our best to facilitate this process. So, what are we doing to reach this objective?
We celebrate their mistakes
– We imbibe them with an attitude that every experience as an opportunity to learn something new
– We work as a team with them to problem solve
– Allow them to experience natural consequences of their actions
– Listen to them beyond the words they express
– Accept them for ‘who they are’ instead of for ‘ what they do’
– Make them aware of their strengths which the children can fall back on when they want.
– Give them relevant information in a factual way.
– Allow them to express their opinions and thoughts freely.
– Work with them with open-ended questions to understand them better.
– Work with them with respect and compassion
– Using language which enables them to grow with the attitude of ‘I can’
It is possible that we are already doing all or some of the above to reach our objective. If not, we can start today, as we believe we are constantly learning and we can start at any time in our life.

Go ahead ! Explore, Experiment and Experience the connection with self and child 🙂

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