January 7, 2014

Follow up session at Magichive..

Participant shared and summarised the session:

We had the first Chetana follow up for the year 2014 yesterday. What a way to start off. AHA! that summarises our feeling as well as our takeaway. A- Awareness. H – Hold on and A – Action. Subha introduced us to this tool and took us through the process of thought, feeling and behaviour. In any situation, it helps to be aware of our thought, feeling and also where it is manifested in our body. (Is it our heart beat going fast or hands becoming chill etc). The awareness can help us hold on to the thought and feeling, be aware and then decide on the course of action. Not to mention the several fun activities we girls had. We had to introduce ourselves using a pair of colourful dandia sticks. Then we reflected on what were our thoughts and feelings while we did this exercise. Subha also facilitated to identify the part of our body which felt that. Then we moved on to eye contact….. Ah! How eyes can be a peek into our soul. We practiced maintaining eye contact with a partner and had fun throwing and catching a ball. (the child in us woke up from coma!!!). A great takeaway is to maintain eye contact with anyone we connect with and it is a great gift we can give our children too!! The games and exercises helped many of us identify our interpretations about ourselves and how that shows up in our body language. “I am not good enough”. “Am I capable?”. ” I cannot dance”… these are just interpretations about our own selves. And then we have so many interpretations about others too – our spouses, friends and children. Shackle it off this new year and start off on a clean state — a message we got at the session. Thanks Subha Parthasarathy and thanks to each one for making it. It was so much fun and learning because of each one of us who took the time and effort to make it to the session..


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