August 3, 2013

27th Aug 2013 – Weekday “Chetana” begins

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

– Peace Pilgrim
Join ‘Chetana’ today and make a difference to yourself and to others around you. Free Introductory talk on 11th Aug at 10.30am. Register today.

Starting ‘CHETANA’ on Aug 27th 10am- 12pm twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday)

Some testimonials :
I learnt about the importance of learning the process of thinking and instilling it in your child. The sessions provided me a different perspective of things around me. Subha was wonderful and really effective in reaching out and connecting to the participants.
We as a family are implementing our learnings from the “Chetana” workshop. It has helped us change our thinking and we learnt how to move forward.
Vidya Ganesan
I really do not have words for Subha. I was really skeptical about coming to a parenting session as I expected it to be too weird (with lots of questioning on our parenting style etc..). But you made it so comfortable for each of us that we were able to let go of our inhibitions and discuss everything with each other.
I am able to look at things from my son’s point of view now. My relation with my family has improved – be it with my son or husband. I am able to “own” up to my deeds. I have also stopped judging on anything and everything. The list goes on…. Thank you so much !
Fahmiya Sajid
Subha is very good interested in clearing all of the doubts we had. The way she took the class was quite interesting.
Mahalakshmi V
Excellent. Lots of energy and passion towards passing the learings. Chetana is a step towards human empowerment. Keen on attending the follow up sessions.
Chinmayi Anantha
Simply awesome! I re-located from the US 8 years ago after spending almost 2 decades out there. I have attended numerous corporate programs/workshops. I must admit that since my return to India, “Chetana” is perhaps the best program I have attended. This is one workshop that I look forward to attending every week and do not get tired of attending… God bless in creating more…
Vidyasagar Ganesan

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