June 19, 2013

FREE introductory talk on Chetana – the “parenting workshop” on 23rd June (Sunday)@10AM at Magichive

ParentingWorkshopCHETANA’ – PARENTING WORKSHOP starting on 20th June/29th June (Weekday/Weekend) It is not about children, it is about US

Gift yourself this year ‘new perspectives’ and help raise an ‘Empowered Child’

Before you became a parent, you probably had visions of how straight-forward it would be to find the right ways to raise your kids to reach their highest potential.

How you would have a deep, loving connection with your children so that they were comfortable confiding in you with their biggest problems. And how you would always “just know” the perfect thing to say and the perfect time.

Fast forward to now when you are a parent. Are you living out those dreams of how you thought parenthood would be? Or are you tired, stressed out, and doubting your ability to be the parent you once imagined you’d be?

  • Are you your own worst critic when it comes judging how well you are doing as a parent, often feeling guilty about something you’ve said or done?
  • Are you constantly worried about your kids, often fearing the worst possible outcome?
  • Do you feel that by virtue of being a parent, you should just know the best way to support your kids (and yet you have a lot of self-doubt when it comes to your parenting)?

If you’ve said “yes” to even one of these feelings, you’re not alone. These are some of the most common feelings parents have, and yet when you allow fear, guilt, worry, self-criticism and doubt to take control, you lose your parenting power and set yourself and your kids up for living out negative self-fulfilling prophecies.

Join us in the parenting journey and reap the benefits of :

  • Learn to understand yourself and how powerful you can be
  • Improve your communication skills for a better relationship with your children
  • Understand the views, needs, and desires of your children.
  • Managing your children emotional and behavioral concerns.
  • Facilitate the growth of an independent, empowered child.

When you discover your hidden power within, you will more fully step into being the parent you want to be and that your kids deserve, and they will flourish as a result.


Weekday Sessions starting from 20th June (Thursday) : 10AM to 12PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays/ Weekend Workshop starting from 29th June (Saturday) : 3PM to 5PM on Saturdays/Sundays (timings are subject to change esp for weekend sessions)

Investment : Rs 4000 per participant

Limited Registrations. Call : 65706371 or walk in and meet Subha Parthasarathy (facilitator) @ MagicHive.
E-Mail : subha@magichive.in / (m) 9342133490


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