June 14, 2013

‘I can’..

Exploring Wednesdays’ saw children make their own sandwich. The objective of the activity was to make children aware that there may be things which they can do and they make not know it, also it is allright to take help from others when we are learning something new.
Children were supposed to make sandwich. Some children said they can, some said they can’t and some said they can with help.They were give three strips to choose from. Pink : can do with help, Yellow : can do , white : cannot.
Children picked up the strips according to what they felt at that point of time.
They were given bread, butter and jam
Children made their own sandwiches and some children changed their strips for a different color as they became aware that they could make a sandwich. Each sandwich was different and they enjoyed eating what they made for themselves.

IMG_2897 IMG_2899 IMG_2901

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