August 28, 2012

Wheel of Choice

Wheel of Choice is a tool which tells the child that:

Options are available for him with any feeling
Becomes aware that all feelings are okay
How to make it:

1.Cut out two circles in the chart paper. One circle with the radius of 8cm and the other with the radius of 12cms
2.Attach both the circles with a grip binder.
3.On the smaller circle attach an icecream stick as an arrow or use a small piece of paper as the arrow.
4.We can stick different feelings in the smaller circle
5.We stick various options on the bigger circle.For eg: read a book/listen to music/watch tv/eat an apple/sit in mama’s lap/hug a doll/play with friends/draw a picture etc.. Children can add their options.
6.Encourage the child to identify his feeling and rotate the smaller wheel. The wheel will stop. Check out the option where the particular feeling stops.
7.For children who are not into reading, pictures can be stuck.

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