June 24, 2012

“Preparing Children Sexually” – session on 23rd June

Had a parenting talk on “Preparing Children Sexually” – we had 17+ participants who shared many of their concerns regarding exposing children to matters related to sex/related issues. What is the appropriate age for giving such exposure? How does one provide this exposure to the child? How to empower one’s child about such issues? Was a lively interactive session

Some Feedbacks –

“Thanks for providing gyan and make me aware of things which we see and judge in our own way not from a child’s angle. Will understand and answer their questions with more ease” – Shweta Sharma
“Today’s session was very helpful. Would help me in having an open mind and preparedness while handling such issues” – Arthi Srinivasan
“Big THANKS for the session. It was good. Basically breaking our beliefs and awareness is the most important steps in this session” – Mala
“Helped remove some blocks in my mind” – Prabha
“Very helpful and now I know how to let my kids know more about his topic” – Hasangana
“Good, very useful information and enlightening” – V Rajani
“Excellent awareness program. Understood the way how to deal with the questions kids come up with. Would like to attend more such workshops”- Archana
“This session has shown a different perpective to the age old thoughts. Will definitely mull over it. I wonder why I have never thought of these issues differently! Definitely useful session” – Padma 

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