February 11, 2012

Neuerth Kids, AECS Layout – Session with parents – 11th Feb

We had a 2 hour interactive session with 20+  parents of Neuerth Kids, AECS layout , Bangalore this morning. The session had many activities and  addressed the queries that parents had on various aspects of child development. We touched on aspects such as beliefs, feelings, motivation etc.  and how it impacts a child.

Some of the feedback –
“Good session. Need to introspect” – HarbhajanKaur
“It was insightful on where the problem/issues are while dealing with a child” – Sandhya Singh
“Good eye opener..” – Saurabh Singh
“Would like to have more such workshops ..” – Preeti
“Very interesting session. We would like to have more of such sessions. Good stories, exercises and takeaways”- Sangeeta Tandon
“Nice session. Allowed me to clear certain doubts that I had..”- Dr Manju Venugopal
“Interesting session. Innovative methodology and thought provoking ! “- Aruna Sujit
“Very good session. Thank You. When is the next one?” – Kusuma

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