We plan to have “once a week” FREE mathematics sessions for children in 8th/9th Std.

The sessions would attempt to cover basic concepts in mathematics (with a slice of history and focus on proofs),  explore different ways to address a problem, train oneself to look at patterns etc. Session style would be interactive.

Schedule : 9:30AM to 12PM every Sunday at Magichive starting from 1st July 2013

Why another Session ? Is it some kind of FREE tuition?
The idea is to encourage children to look at this subject through a prism that makes it less intimidating and more of fun. It is not meant to be a tuition – the focus would be on various topics in maths and not restricted to any specific board or textbook. The attempt would also be in trying to explore the inter dependencies between maths and other subjects.

Will it help in securing better grades at school? Would there be homework?
The objective is not to get better grades but to ensure children have fun while solving problems. Grades would be a byproduct. “Thinking questions” in maths would be given to students to explore different ideas.

Who is going to take the sessions?
Partha has more than 2 decades of experience and is an Engineer and a MBA from IIM Bangalore. This attempt is to make the sailing smooth and fun for children during their teens when their various interests start taking shape. Partha wishes to be a co-learner where he can add value to himself through interactions with children.

Any eligibility criteria?
8th/9th Std from any school. Medium of instruction – English

Registrations are limited to a max of 10. We require a min of 5 Kids.


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