We had an interesting 2 hour interactive session with the parents of children studying in “Aura Montessori” school in JP Nagar, Bangalore on 26th Nov 2011. Around 25 parents attended the session which was conducive to incorporating some activities to highlight some of the issues related to learnings etc.
Parental concerns regarding learnings, discipline, behavior, expectations etc.. were explored through activities & shared experiences that enabled parents to question some of their own perceptions.

Some of the feedbacks on the session
“Very awakening. Shook some of my beliefs.I feel motivated to look at things with a new perspective.Many thanks.”
” Extremely useful in our daily lives”
“The session made me realize unknowingly how much pressure we put on our children. Hope to work on this now.Thanks”
“Very informative session. Would like to attend more sessions like this. Thought provoking and introspective”
“Good session. Helped introspection. Learnt what not to do. Thanks”
“I’ve immensely benefited from last years’s sessions. Had attended some sessions last year.” 

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