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Dates Description Age/Timings
4-15 Apr  (10 days) Theatre Workshop 7-12 yrs, 10:30am-1pm
18-29 Apr (10 days) Money Matters 8 yrs+,10:30am to 1 pm
29Apr-1May (3 days) Introduction to the Cosmos 13-15yrs,4pm-7pm
2-6 May (5 days) Potterology 7-12yrs,10:30am-1pm
6 May, Fri (2 hours) Electric Loop Game DIY with Parent 7-13 yrs,5pm-7pm
9-13 May (5 days) Introducing Character strengths in Children 9-12 yrs, 10am-12pm
14-15 May (2 days) Understanding Self & Children 24+, 9:30am-6pm
16-21 May (6 days) Goal Setting, Divergent thinking, NLP Strategies 15-18yrs, 10am-1pm
16-20 May (5 days) Terracotta Jewellery Making 13 yrs+,3 pm-5pm

14-15 May (2 full days) : Understanding Self & Children by Magichive

For Teachers, Counselors, Parents , 9:30am to 6 pm
Rs.5000/-per participant (inclusive of simple veg lunch and snacks)

parenting‘’Being open to different perspectives not only transforms us but also the world around us.”

An opportunity/ a choice to make a difference to yourself and to people around you, join us in the two day workshop ‘Chetana’

An experiential workshop with activities, role play, games. An ideal workshop for working parents, teachers and adults interested in self awareness and the world of children. This is for parents/would be parents/teachers/adults(who are interested in learning)

This workshop will give you an :

  • Understanding of how you work
  • Understand more about what works with children and what doesn’t
  • Understanding of basic concepts which form a base for better relationships
  • Effective communication which includes co-operation and compassion instead of control and conflict
  • A support system of a group which you can fall back on whenever needed.
  • Practical strategies to work with different situations.

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16-21 May (6 days): Goal setting, Divergent Thinking, NLP Strategies  for Teenagers by MAGICHIVE
15-18 yrs, 10am to 1 pm
Cost : Rs 3000

goalThe workshop would focus on discovering personal values, setting goals, time management, setting up beliefs to help achieve outcomes, developing skills of observation, questioning and cognitive skills of association through divergent thinking exercises, introducing teenagers to NPL strategies to conquer stage fright, anxiety, developing confidence, working towards goals and overcoming limiting beliefs.

16-20 May (5 days) : Terracotta Jewellery Making
13 yrs+, 3pm to 5pm
Cost : Rs 2000

terracottaHaving terracotta jewellery making workshop at Magichive.
From studs to jhumkas, from pendant to necklace. Different designs, lots of information on materials and loads of fun. Anyone interested in learning this art and taking it forward as they like.

Facilitator : Ms Sridevi Raj

You can visit this link and view pictures of an earlier workshop at Magichive