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Reading Class starting 2nd June


 4.15pm – 5.15 pm

 (4yrs – 6 yrs)

Rs.1000/- per month (limited to 6 children)

Our vision is to create a co-operative and supportive environment for the child to work through his inhibitions and kindle the interest in reading. Our lessons are interactive and fun with clear objectives. Unique reading and spelling activities are offered to children that allows them to experiment and explore phonics and word building.

Facilitator : Latha Senthilnathan (Montessori trained) has a work experience of more than 5 yrs. Has worked with children having specific requirements. Encouraging and enthusiastic attitude towards learning and loves being with children.


Lifeskills Wednesdays starting 8th June

5pm – 6pm

(5 yrs – 7yrs)

Rs.500/- per month (limited to 10 children)

The objective is to build resilience in children for them to develop an attitude of learning, working with what comes their way, develop an awareness of self, develop skills to handle issues in a way which helps them to grow into independent individuals.

We facilitate the process of developing the above skills through games, stories, activiites etc. This is a year long program which happens every Wednesday till the end of Feb.

Facilitator: Subha Parthasarathy, Counsellor, trainer, founder of Magichive having experience of worked with children and parents for over 9 yrs.


Bharatnatyam : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

( 5pm – 6pm),( 6pm – 7pm)

Rs.1500/- per month

Harini Panguluri, is from the renowned institute of fine arts – Kalaskshetra, Chennai and has acquired proficiency in Bharatanatyam. Harini, a first class diploma holder from Kalakshetra , aspires to understand the divine aspect of dance and its relevance to life. She believes that classical dance has a wide scope to present not only mythological subjects but also social themes beautifully. She has choreographed many innovative and creative dance dramas. Her knowledge of carnatic music has also added beauty to her choreography. Her dance institute is called, ‘Kalavenue’

Lifeskills Fridays’ starting 10th June

(8yrs – 12yrs)

5.30pm – 7.30 pm

Rs.1000/-per month (limited registrations)

Lifeskills which include being open to learning, taking feedback, communicating effectively, working as a team, being perseverant, applying the past knowledge to the present situation can be developed in children. These skills can help them to face the challenges which come their way. We give them such experiences where they are able to understand themselves better and work at creating a compassionate community in the future using games, activities, stories, videos, audios etc.

This is a year long program till Feb 2016.

Facilitator: Subha Parthasarathy, Counsellor, trainer, founder of Magichive having experience of worked with children and parents for over 9 yrs.

Policies :

  • Fees for any of the program needs to be paid at the beginning of every month.
  • This applies to fees for any other workshop conducted at MagicHive.
  • Refund will not be given if the child leaves in the middle of the month/ This applies to any other workshop conducted at Magichive.