Thought Cards


Thought Cards

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thought-cardsThe “Thought Cards” is a tool of 25 cards that contains two sub sets of cards – one that lists down some of the typical “limiting beliefs” that children/adults exhibit in different situations and the other sub set deals with “thoughts” that can help the person move forward. We have listed the most common limiting beliefs that we have encountered while interacting with children over many years.

The “limiting beliefs” are the “Fixed Mindsets” that stop people from growing. The “beliefs” that can help children/adults break these self imposed limitations denotes a “Growth Mindset”.

The cards have been designed such that all cards are bound together using a book ring. This enables the user to easily carry the cards and refer to the cards anywhere / anytime. The cards can be used by parents, teachers, counselors, trainers etc. Using these cards early in a child’s life can help break beliefs that limit their growth.

These cards can be used along with the Feelings/Needs card set.


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