Divergent thinking tools


Divergent thinking tools

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Divergent-Thinking-KitDivergent thinking (also referred to as Lateral thinking made popular by Dr Edward De Bono) is a skill that can be developed and the tools provided with this kit can help children / adults improved their lateral thinking skills. Steve Jobs referred to it as “connecting the dots” or in other words, to seeing patterns of association between objects that do not appear to be related.

The tool kit includes a booklet  “Random Word list” that contains 1296 carefully chosen words that can be easily carried by a child or an adult. Also included are “6 thinking cards” that correspond to various aspects of thinking through a problem.  These cards can be used for problem solving, new idea generation, generating choices of action etc.

Also included is an instruction manual on how these tools can be used along with many sample games. Every tool kit has a gift voucher worth Rs 350/-

This tool can be used by Children, Teachers, Counsellors, Trainers, Parents etc.


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