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Upcoming Events

Summer Programs @ MagicHive in 2018

Plant Connections – Plants and You : April 2-6 

6 yrs – 10 yrs

10.30am -1pm

Rs.2000/-(snacks provided)

 To  understand the role plants play in our lives.

How to grow and care for them.

This workshop provides kids an interface between learning specific plant-related subject matter and having fun in group environments that encourage and facilitate life skill development.

Story time @ Magichive

9th- 20th April (2 weeks) 10.30 am – 12 pm 5yrs – 8 yrs Rs.1500/- (inclusive of snacks) per week Rs.3000/- for two weeks Stories help us to enjoy, relax and learn. Stories will be explored through visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities. Objectives of the workshop are: – To enjoy – Enhance listening skills – To open up the mind to different possibilities – To imagine and be creative

Bodyworks –

Mystery of human body : April 23-27 – 

Our Body is like a mystery . There are so many tiny pieces, each one doing a seemingly unimportant task – But when put together , they form this miracle of a human body. This workshop explores our body the same way

– through puzzles, riddles & mysteries. This is a fun and exciting way to learn and understand the pieces that make us

6-10 yrs



ET – Space and Beyond: April 30 – May 4 – 

Space &  Beyond explores the universe.

Children find out about what are some questions that still remain a mystery and come up their versions of solutions. They will also learn about the latest advancements, tools and lot more exciting stuff happening out there in the stars

6-10 yrs



CHOPPORTUNITY Workshop 7th May – 11 th May

A workshop for children to look at problems differently.

10 yrs -15 yrs

10.30 am – 1pm


Look at them as challenges which may not have immediate solution.

Understand how people have figured out solutions for the challenges that they have faced in daily life

Do activities which require thinking and coming up with options which may work or not work

Learn to focus on the process and work with the outcome instead of looking at it as a failure or success

Discussions, activities, games and lots of fun and laughter


15yrs – 20 yrs

10.30am – 1 pm


The earlier we are aware of our thoughts and feelings, we will be able to make conscious choices and take responsibility for it.

  • Understand our thoughts and feelings

  • Understand and explore self esteem

  • Awareness of Multiple Intelligence

  • Awareness of Growth Mindset and its application

  • Mindfulness and its importance in our lives

All this through videos, activities, games and discussions.

Call 9342133490/9483524400 for registrations

Limited Registrations for all the programs.

Chetana (for working individuals/teachers)   10 sessions Rs.5900/- per participant   Understanding the 6 C’s of Parenting (Connection, Compassion, Communication, Co-operation, Choices and Change)
Inviting you to be part of this change ‘Chetana’ a ten session workshop on Understanding and increasing our Awareness to making a change and understanding our children. There is no right way or wrong way, only “different ways” of doing things. When we have AWARENESS we have CHOICES and then we see POSSIBILITIES. Call 9342133490 for registrations  

Lifeskills Wednesdays starting  June 5pm – 6pm (5yrs – 7 yrs) (limited to 10 children)

The objective is to build resilience in children for them to

-develop an attitude of learning,

-working with what comes their way,

-develop an awareness of self,

-develop skills to handle issues in a way which helps them to grow into independent individuals.

We facilitate the process of developing the above skills through games, stories, activiites etc. This is a year long program which happens every Wednesday till the end of Feb. Facilitator:

Latha Senthilnathan, Facilitator with more than  6 years of experience of working with children and a montessori trained teacher.

Subha Parthasarathy, Counsellor, trainer, founder of Magichive having experience of worked with children and parents for over 10 yrs

. ———————————————————————————————————————

Lifeskills Fridays’ starting  June (10 yrs – 13 yrs)

5.30pm – 7.30 pm (limited registrations)

Lifeskills which include :

-being open to learning,

-taking feedback,

-communicating effectively,

-working as a team,

-being perseverant,

-applying the past knowledge.

These skills can help them to face the challenges which come their way. We give them such experiences where they are able to understand themselves better and work at creating a compassionate community in the future using games, activities, stories, videos, audios etc. This is a year long program till Feb 2019.

Facilitator: Subha Parthasarathy, Counsellor, trainer, founder of Magichive having experience of worked with children and parents for over 10 yrs.


Watch out for many new programs coming up for children including emotional awareness, study skills, creative writing, Book club, story time etc.


Policies :

  • Fees for any of the program needs to be paid at the beginning.
  • This applies to fees for any other workshop conducted at MagicHive.
  • Refund will not be given if the child leaves in the middle of the month
  • There will be no refund for any other holiday or other workshop conducted at MagicHive if the child remains absent or does not continue till the end.