Acupressure workshop..


Thank you, Meher Vani for giving us so much information about Acupressure. The participants went with the confidence that they can use Acupressure in their daily life with ease. Thanks to Kanthi for helping the participants go through heartfulness meditation.

Well woman workshop by Yogabharati

Thank you, Prabha Krishna and Vijaya for taking out time and effort to take a well woman workshop @ Magichive. It was an informative and enjoyable workshop. The exercises which can be done on a daily basis was very interesting and simple. Thank you to the participants for making time for the workshop.

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Friday Lifeskills class

Friday Lifeskills class came to a close for the year 2015-2016 with an appreciation web where we acknowledged and appreciated each other and shared our feelings. Looking forward to meeting them again soon in June.IMG_20160304_193215773

Wednesday class

The fun class, where we share, we play, we learn, we do 🙂 came to an end for the year 2015-2016 to start once more in June 2016. Each child is unique and each child is special that is our takeaway from these sessions and the joy of just being with them is an amazing feeling.

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Chetana: Weekday workshop completed..

Parenting is not a journey to be taken alone but as a community. Helping each other and supporting each other in the process. Self awareness being the first step 🙂 Completed another group of Chetana and increasing our learning and growing together. Thank you to each of the participants for being with us in this journey.


Exploring with colors

The empathy group (nvc) came together and worked with colors and explored Mandalas. Each one of us worked with our own intentions and each one had a unique experience. It seemed ages since many of us had touched colors and it was an exciting journey.

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