Weekend Chetana @ Cilre Learning Spaces

Expressing gratitude to the Cilre team for taking efforts to having this workshop “Chetana” at their space. Thank you to every participant for giving their time to make it for the workshop. The activities, experiences, sharings brought out many perspectives which each one of us are taking home with us, to implement, experiment and experience.


Roald Dahl workshop @ Magichive

Roald Dahl workshop which has been on for the last three months came to a close today with children having fun performing a puppet show and a play based on his story. Thank you, Latha Senthilnathan for allowing children to be and enjoying the process of reading and inspiring them to read. Thank you to all the parents for supporting this program and being there today to encourage them in their journey. We enjoyed watching the children be excited, nervous and happy while doing the show 🙂


ET Workshop @ Magichive

ET workshop by Cilre @ Magichive. Thank you Ritika, for bringing to the children a session on Astronomy.Thanks to the participants for being enthusiastic and open to learning.


Ganesha making @ Magichive

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all ! Blessed having Ganesha @ Magichive. Thank you to Sridevi Raj for showing us how to make our own unique Ganesha and gratitude to all the participants for having made it for the workshop.


Sex Education workshop @ Magichive

Educating ourselves to empower our children to take care of their body. It was an interesting session where we identified our beliefs which stop us and help us to work with our children to give them body education. How we can keep a communication going with them in what goes on in their lives. Thank you all for participating and sharing your queries and perspectives.


Chetana Aug 2016

Working with awareness and moving towards an enriching relationship with self, children and others. Thank you, to all the participants for being part of Chetana and joining us in this journey.


Roald Dahl workshop is on…

Exploring Roald Dahl through his stories with the children. Doing activities based on the stories, getting interested in reading and having fun doing all this. Thanks to Latha who is making it enjoyable for children to want more after every session.

roald dahl

NVC workshop @ Magichive

Exploring our feelings, needs is a long journey and this is just a start. Sharing, expressing, supporting was just a part of the workshop along with learning about being compassionate to self and others. Expressing gratitude to all for being part of this journey with us.