Wednesday class 2017-2018

Completed our lifeskills sessions for the year 2017-2018. Children did not want it to end 
We are looking forward to working with them.
Thank you to the parents and children for being part of this learning and contributing to our growth.

Lifeskills with parents @ Magichive

Parents experienced our Lifeskills class with their children. The theme was team work. Children showcased through plays what they had learnt during the year. Reflection as a tool was introduced to the parents. Children and parents enjoyed spending time together.
Thank you !

Chetana-Weekend program

Looking for change outside is not in our control. Changing our perspectives, becoming aware of our thoughts, being open to possibilities and changing our responses is something we can work with. Thank you to the participants for being open to be part of this process.. ‘Chetana’

NVC workshop

Can we learn to be compassionate ? How does the language we use bring us together…can we learn and practice compassion even in challenging times and situations. We explored this and much more in our workshop at Magichive. Thank you to the participants for working with the thought that it is possible.

Story time @ Magichive

It could not have been better. The year ending with a wonderful story telling session by Latha. It was not just listening and enjoying stories, it was also about accepting oneself, others, using strategies to communicate and express. Children thoroughly enjoyed the stories, activities, games and the connections made during the workshop. At Magichive we learnt more about working with children, discovering them and being with them in their journey. Thank you to all for being part of this workshop with us. Special thanks to Latha for taking efforts to bringing this workshop to the children.
Welcoming the year 2018 with enthusiasm and curiousity for learning more !

Emotional Awareness workshop @ Magichive

Thank you Latha, for the enjoyable workshop on understanding our feelings. Getting to know how in different situations we feel, we can all feel differently in similar situations…we can express the feeling we are going through in the moment.

Compassionate Communication

Exploring empathy through taking our daily interactions was very enriching as it brought out the challenges we face while connecting with others. Connecting from the heart requires effort and when we choose to connect life can be enriching. A wonderful day spent learning and connecting. Thank you for being part of this workshop.