Interview with FM 101.3 Rainbow

Grateful to Meghana S Belavadi for giving the space and opportunity to share perspectives about parenting on Rainbow FM 101.3 this Sunday. Thankful to have friends and family who have been so encouraging and supportive without whom this would not be possible. 🙏

Anger workshop @ Magichive

Anger an emotion which helps us to look deeper into ourselves to understand our needs which are not met. When we are in touch with our needs, we stop blaming and judging and get in touch with our feelings beneath the anger. A two day workshop on working with this emotion. Thank you to the very willing participants for being part of this process.

Ganesha making @ magichive

Thank you to Roopa Kulkarni, Vinothini and Latha for facilitating the process of making Ganesha @magichive. It was a charged atmosphere where families sat together, bonded and made their Ganesha with loving hands. Thank you and happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all!

NVC workshop @magichive

NVC workshop came up a new level of stronger bonds amidst our laughter and tears. Hoping to support each other in this journey of compassionate communication. Expressing gratitude to all the participants 🙏

Color wheel for adults

Colors can be stimulating, they can change our moods, they enrich our lives when we consciously work with awareness of the colors around us. The resources are available within us we just need to be open to using them in different ways to bring out many possibilities in our life. Explored colors through color wheel using the primary colors of red, blue and yellow. Physically seeing the colors change brought out the immense possibilities that are available and expanded our way of looking at things. Thank you to the participants for being enthusiastic and encouraging for this activity.