Emotional workshop (summer program )

Emotional awareness workshop came to an end, hoping it is the beginning of the process for the children. Thank you, Latha Senthilnathan for facilitating the workshop and thanks to all parents who were willing and open to let their children participate in the workshop. Big thank you to the children for being enthusiastic participants 😊

Workshop on Non Violent communication

Can we accept ourselves and still keep working with self? Would changing the words we use change the space we are coming from? How would it be for us if we come from space of compassion? How willing are we to take responsibility for the choices we make? These questions and many more were explored in our workshop on compassionate communication. Gratitude to all the participants as their willingness to share their personal stories enriched each one of us and brought out the reality that all of us are same.
Thank you 🙏

Lifeskills Thursday & Friday

The lifeskills classes for the the year 2018 – 19 came to an end in Feb.

Parents joined in and experienced the sessses through activities. 

Thank you to the parents for the encouragement and support.

Looking forward to seeing the children again in June.





Weekday Chetana Feb2019

To know oneself and being aware of one’s choices is the first step towards having power in one’s life. Another set of parents willingly joined our program and it has been enriching to know their perspectives. Wishing them all the best in this journey!

Mandala workshop

Practicing being in the present through Mandala. Belief of cannot draw was challenged, don’t have patience was challenged. Participants felt relaxed, satisfied and refreshed in the process. Thank you to all for exploring with enthusiasm and openness. 🙏