Follow up sessions

We had three follow up sessions with the same group meeting over a period of two weeks. We took up strokes to understand it better. It was not surprising how many of us had denied ourselves strokes and it was a bonding time for all of us.

Many of us became more aware of ourselves. It was a time where we could be just ourselves, be vulnerable and we all realised how connected we were. It was an amazing time spent over chat, idlis and chai. We spent almost five hours together knowing each other more and more. Very enjoyable and a rewarding experience for me :-))

Group I get together on 17th Feb : On Home Schooling

Had an informal tea session with parents of Group I. All of us were sharing our journey and experiences. The hot topic of the day was – “Home Schooling”. There were lots of concerns expressed about “Home Schooling” as a concept and resistance to accepting such options as a viable alternative to regular schooling. India is changing and the world is changing. The Education system is more inclusive these days and there is increased openness to explore options. This  provides parents with alternatives. Lively discussions :-))

Neuerth Kids, JP Nagar 2nd Phase – session with parents on 18th Feb

We had an enthusiastic audience of 20+ parents who had many queries on various issues related to their children. We addressed many issues and the session attempted to lend perspectives.

Some of the feedbacks –
“Need to introspect. Great takeaways” – Keshavamurthy
“Wonderful eye opener with lots of practical examples” – Sriram K
“Excellent and thought provoking session. Has opened the door to understand our children better” -Baranidhar Ramanathan
“It was a very good session” – Veena MG
“The session was very good and useful for all. Got to understand about motivating children” – Nandini
“Got a good understanding of our oneself and beliefs that we have. Overall a good session” – Kavita K
“This session might change me as a mother. This session happened at the right time. Stories were good too” – HiranMahi

Neuerth Kids, AECS Layout – Session with parents – 11th Feb

We had a 2 hour interactive session with 20+  parents of Neuerth Kids, AECS layout , Bangalore this morning. The session had many activities and  addressed the queries that parents had on various aspects of child development. We touched on aspects such as beliefs, feelings, motivation etc.  and how it impacts a child.

Some of the feedback –
“Good session. Need to introspect” – HarbhajanKaur
“It was insightful on where the problem/issues are while dealing with a child” – Sandhya Singh
“Good eye opener..” – Saurabh Singh
“Would like to have more such workshops ..” – Preeti
“Very interesting session. We would like to have more of such sessions. Good stories, exercises and takeaways”- Sangeeta Tandon
“Nice session. Allowed me to clear certain doubts that I had..”- Dr Manju Venugopal
“Interesting session. Innovative methodology and thought provoking ! “- Aruna Sujit
“Very good session. Thank You. When is the next one?” – Kusuma

Friday class mela by the children – 3rd Feb

Today was the last friday class for this academic year. A few weeks ago, the children had decided to have a mela wherein they would invite their friends to join the fun.They designed the posters, decided on the content, listed down their requirements, invited their friends and organized the mela. “For and by the children”. They worked in teams and started the thinking process 2 weeks ago. The sense of excitement and achievement was palpable and they had great fun.

All of them received their “appreciation” certificates. Has been wonderful watching the children grow over the years. Many of them have been coming for the class for the last 5 years. Have been constantly learning from them.

Session on 29th Jan – How do we motivate children?

We had a session on Motivation. Understanding our motivation to do things helped us to realise that this must be true for children too. We tried to understand how children are learning different things at the same time and how we can facilitate the learning process instead of making it more cumbersome for them. We asked ourselves questions whether we could be open enough to accept our children with their dreams instead of making them work towards the Goals we set for them. Is it possible that children are capable of having their own goals and working towards it? Lots of thoughts and lots to ponder on.

Neuerth Kids, Benson town, Bangalore – 28th Jan – Interaction with parents

We had a lively and interesting session with the parents of Neuerth Kids, Benson town today between 10 AM and 12 PM. Parents had queries on “the choice of dress a child wears for a party” / “parental control” / “dealing with children who hit,pinch, bully..” / “shy child who does not talk too much” etc.. We explored many of these queries through activities / games.

Some of the feedbacks –
“The session was really worth it. Looking forward to more such sessions “- Geetha Kumari, Teacher
“Very informative and educative . Made us aware of so many things. You made us think differently.” – Shahala Firdose, parent
“Thought provoking. Looking forward to more such sessions” – Sindhu, Teacher
“Very interactive. Would surely want to try out some of the ideas with my kids” – Aijaz Rahi, Parent
“I liked the concept of the child and the flower. Wish we could have more such sessions in the future” – Abdul Mateen, Parent
“Healthy and very helpful interaction. Planning to try some of the ideas with my kids ” – Iram, Parent

Neuerth Kids, JP Nagar 7th Phase – 26th Jan – Session with parents

Had a 2 hour interactive session with parents of Neuerth Kids, JP Nagar 7th Phase, RBI Layout, Bangalore between 10AM and 12 PM on 26th Jan 2012. We focused on providing perspectives to child development / parent-child relationship that enabled parents to explore options in addressing situations/long term issues.

Some of the feedbacks

“The session was excellent, very helpful. It left me thinking in a different way of handling my child. Opens up parents mind to rethink about the child” – Lakshmi, Parent
“As a first timer, experiencing a session like this, its been quite thought provoking. Time was a constraint. Thanks for your time” – Sudeep Nambiar, Parent
“Totally agree with your thoughts – I think everything begins with self awareness. Thank you so much.” – Thankam
“It was a pleasant interactive session which made me think. I enjoyed it thoroughly and would look forward to more”-Preeti Gomkale
“It was informative. But so many things went unanswered” – Geetha Krishnan

Module 2 started for Group 5

Module 1 consisting of 6 sessions got over last week. All the participants of Group 5 were keen on continuing with Module 2 which comprises of a 2nd set of 6 sessions that covers various aspects of adult/child relationship.

We had the first session of Module 2 for this group on Monday – 16th Jan 2012. These 2 hour sessions are once a week and is expected to get over by Feb end.

Looking forward to enjoying this journey together 🙂