Magichive products

Magichive is constantly working at coming up with something new in the domain of self awareness leading to stronger connections in relationships. We have come out with products and tools which will help in the process. You can visit us at Magichive to have a look at them. They are up for sale 🙂

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Puppet show @ Magichive by Cilre

Thanks to Gowri, Ananthi, Aparna and their team (cilre), it was a real treat for the children to see Noddy and his friends on the stage instead of on a television screen 🙂

A wonderful amalgamation of puppets,music and a very simple storyline which children could understand. Magichive is looking forward to bringing more events like this for the children.IMG_7228 IMG_7229 IMG_7230 IMG_7231 IMG_7232 IMG_7233

GRIT workshop on 27th Sept @ Magichive

Children not only learnt about GRIT they also learnt to differentiate between thoughts and feelings. They got to understand that they could choose their thoughts and could change them if they wanted to. Thank you, Mathangi Rajasekaran , keyndle spark for putting in efforts and giving the exposure to children through videos, games and activities.

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Follow up of Chetana

We had a follow up of Chetana where many participants joined in to share their experiences and got to know each other. A three hour session included discussion on compassionate communication without judgements. Motivating children and working with them with a communication which will help them to grow into an empowered individual.