Exploring with colors

The empathy group (nvc) came together and worked with colors and explored Mandalas. Each one of us worked with our own intentions and each one had a unique experience. It seemed ages since many of us had touched colors and it was an exciting journey.

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Revisiting Classics..

Revisiting classics ended with children coming up with a puppet show in a very short time. They used hand made puppets and the dolls available to come up with a show on ‘The wizard of Oz’. They came out of their inhibitions and enjoyed doing the show. Thanks to Latha for making classics such an enjoyable read. Thank you to parents for their valuable feedback:
” My son is off comics and has started reading Harry Potter with interest”
”My child has become interested in reading and picks up books”
”My child is reading books other than Geronimo”

“The workshop has been instrumental in helping Adi read non-picture books! It was lovely to see him read the classics :-)”

They are looking forward for more such workshops which encourage children to explore and learn in a relaxed manner without the pressures of testing.


Charlotte’s web

Charlotte’s web: Children understood and created their own rhyming and not so rhyming  poems and enjoyed learning and exploring the world of poetry. Thanks to Ananthi Balakrishnan and Aparna Cilre.


Walkie Talkie

We could hear lots of laughter when the session was going on. Children explored different forms of communication, enjoyed making the telephone and talking to each other. Thank you, Gowri Iyer and Ananthi Balakrishnan for your time

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Connecting with self and others beyond judgement and blame..

What am I thinking about myself, what am I thinking about the other person. How does it make me feel when I am judging myself, How do I feel when I am observing instead of evaluating. These and so many other questions being explored in our workshop. Getting in touch with our needs, feelings and thoughts. Exploring and learning together.

Self empathy, How can I be empathetic to myself? How do I work with observing my thoughts and feelings? How can I be empathetic towards others? What can I do when I get aware of triggers where I choose to react instead of respond? Lot more with role plays, discussions and real life examples in fun and loving way was explored in this workshop. Thank you, to each and every participant for making time and taking effort to participate.

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Weekend Chetana

Weekend Chetana was fun, sharing and learning. It felt like a family get together 🙂 Enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks to the participants who took the effort and time from their busy schedules to attend the workshop.

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Potterology @ Magichive

Thanks to Meera aunty, children explored chemistry, physics with different experiments, potions and lots of fun with playing quidditch etc.

Thanks to the cilre team to bring to Magichive such interesting programs.

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Revisiting Classics

IMG-20151201-WA0003Black Beauty : Children loved reading, exploring and listening to this wonderful tale of Black Beauty. They explored the story through games, video, activities. They are looking forward for more 🙂

Book Reading on ‘Milton’s Secret

We had a book reading session for adults at Magichive. We explored the concept of ‘Now’ through the book,’ Milton’s Secret’ written by Eckhart Tolle. An interesting read and lot of situations explored on how to work with being present in the moment instead of working from the past or the future. Looking forward to more sessions like this.


Cars Session @ Magichive


IMG_7740 Thanks to Latha and Cilre for giving children an opportunity to explore and have fun knowing about cars and making one of their own.

Children had lots of fun and showed persistence in making their own car.