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Chetana July 2018

Discussions, sharing perspectives and making new bonds. Another set of Chetanites at Magichive.



Adding to the Chetanites, we completed the Chetana program with a resolve that we will work with being open to possibilities with regard to self and others. Grateful🙏


Setting an intention and letting go of the outcome through Mandala. Relaxed, refreshed and joyful @ Magichive.

Play date @ Magichive

Children got the opportunity to spend time with their parents without any distractions of mobiles, TV or computers. Play date @magichive.

Session at Yogabharati

An enjoyable session at Yoga Bharati. Thank you Prabha Krishna for inviting me.

Wednesday class 2017-2018

Completed our lifeskills sessions for the year 2017-2018. Children did not want it to end 
We are looking forward to working with them.
Thank you to the parents and children for being part of this learning and contributing to our growth.

Lifeskills with parents @ Magichive

Parents experienced our Lifeskills class with their children. The theme was team work. Children showcased through plays what they had learnt during the year. Reflection as a tool was introduced to the parents. Children and parents enjoyed spending time together.
Thank you !

Session at Luminostars, J.P.Nagar

A fun session with parents at Luminostars ..J.PNagar.


Chetana-Weekend program

Looking for change outside is not in our control. Changing our perspectives, becoming aware of our thoughts, being open to possibilities and changing our responses is something we can work with. Thank you to the participants for being open to be part of this process.. ‘Chetana’

NVC workshop

Can we learn to be compassionate ? How does the language we use bring us together…can we learn and practice compassion even in challenging times and situations. We explored this and much more in our workshop at Magichive. Thank you to the participants for working with the thought that it is possible.

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