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Weekday chetana completed..

Joy comes from sharing perspectives and learning from each other. Another set of participants completed ‘Chetana’, promising to come back with their new experiences and reflections. Thank you and welcome to the conscious compassionate way of working.


Lifeskills Friday @ Magichive

Reflection on all that we did through out the year covering emotional awareness, empathy, problem solving, communication, listening, growth mindset, labels etc.. We remembered all the games and activities we had done as a team and the fun we had when we could play with newspaper. The year went fast and the lifeskills Friday came to an end for the year 2016 -2017. More activities and learning to come in the year 2017-2018 starting June 2017. Thank you to parents, children for their support and enthusiasm. Thanks to Latha Senthil without whom it would not have been possible.

lifeskills friday 2016

Lifeskills Wednesday 2016-17

Lifeskills Wednesday came to a close with cookies, loads of laughter and with a promise to be back in June2017 ! The months just passed so quickly🙂
Thanking parents for having shown trust in us, to children for being enthusiastic and patient with us.

wed class 2016

Chetana @ Magichive

Chetana is not about children, it is all about us. A journey to understand ourselves better, a journey towards conscious compassionate living. Thank you all for being part of this journey with us.

chetana feb

Toy making @ Magichive with Cilre

What can we say … Children had lots of fun making and understanding how the toys work. Thank you, Ananthi for giving space to their curiousity and working with them.

 Toy story1

Compassionate communication…

Exploring the process of giving and receiving. Compassionate expression of feelings and needs and receiving others with the same compassion is a possibility. We are working towards understanding, implementing and enjoying the process. The smiles say it all 🙂 Thank you all for making this workshop happen and reinforcing that self awareness is the first step towards change.


Puppetry workshop @ Magichive by cilre

Children not only enjoyed the process and also they loved the facilitator. Ritika, thank you for bringing your enthusiasm, energy and allowing the children to be. Children made puppets, came up with a story on their own and presented it to the parents.We at Magichive enjoyed having all of you and waiting to see you again.



Poetry workshop : Shel Silverstein @ Magichive

Thank you Raji Iyer and Latha Senthilnathan for bringing to children poems of Shel Silverstein. Children enjoyed playing with words without getting attached to the right or the wrong of it. Looking forward to more such workshops where children get the space to explore and ‘Be’



Weekend Chetana

A great weekend session of Chetana got over. Sharing perspectives and looking forward to more learning to happen. Grateful to each participant for having taken out time to be part of this workshop.

 chetweek2 chetweek3 chetweek4

Freesbe-Political awareness workshop@ Magichive

Influencers and their role in life…

Thank you Ritika for helping children to have political awareness. Thanks to CILRE for bringing such programs to Magichive.


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