Empathy and Expression on 13th March @ Magichive

10515135_488435421295666_5561401896217281961_oWhat is empathy? How can I fill the others’ bucket without emptying my bucket? Interesting concept based on ‘How full is your bucket’ whereMathangi Rajasekaran Keyndle Spark took the children through the journey of understanding empathy and expression. Thank you, Mathangi for a lovely session where children could understand how to express themselves keeping others need also in mind.


Weekend Chetana

Weekend Chetana was completed yesterday with becoming aware of difference between being mindful and being mindfull. Sessions were filled with lot of sharing, questions and thoughts. The journey of self awareness has just started. Thank you, to each participant for being open about their thoughts and feelings. We all felt connected to each other.


Sex Sensitization workshop for parents (24/2/2015)

This workshop helped parents understand the how and when to start talking to their children. What kind of resources to use to give information, how to keep the communication lines open with children to help them come back to the parent for clarification and information. It was a lively session with lot of situations being discussed. Open discussion on different forms of child abuse, how to empower children to deal with abuse in different situations.

IMG_5743 IMG_5744

Session at IIM(B) 19/2/2015

Active session at IIM (B) to understand how to facilitate learning in children. How do children learn, what are the things which stop their learning. What are our objectives for our children and how do we achieve that? Many more questions were explored and the participants were open and sharing their perspectives which made the environment an enriching experience.