Book Release and Panel Discussion

Verse For Better – Parenting Lessons From Parenting Failures

We have just published a book that is a compilation of 19 poems. This is a collaborative effort between Magichive and the creative team from the ad agencyJW Thompson. The tag line being – “When you are hard on your kids, they ard hard on the World”. The poems highlight the consequences of what can go wrong when parents don’t read signals and continue to respond in ways that are detrimental to the overall growth of their children. Click here for the kindle eBook – Click here

Panel Discussion at IIMB

Subha Parthasarathy was part of a Panel Discussion on “Conscious Parenting” at IIMB. Prof. Ramya Ranganathan, Dr. Sugami Ramesh, Dr. Anuradha H and Sujatha Narasimhan were the other panellists. The discussions revolved around four ideas – letting go off your own stuff, operating in the now, honoring the child’s knowing and mirror neurons and mimicking.

Our Programs


We offer personal counselling to individuals and couples - both online through Skype and offline at our center. We also take group counselling sessions for parents at schools and corporates. Read more

Play Therapy

We offer non-intrusive Play Therapy sessions that would enable us to address the core issues faced by a child. We do this only if necessary on a case to case basis. This is done on a "one on one" basis at our center. Read more


Chetana is the 10 days Parenting Workshop that is conducted at our center. We also design and take specific workshops for corporate employees. Read more

Kids Activities

Facilitators with expertise in various areas take short term and long term programs at our center on Life Skills, WordSmart, Reading, Bharatnatyam, Arts & Crafts, Astronomy for Kids etc. Read more

We hold long term engagement programs for corporate employees on parent-child related issues. This promotes overall well being and contributes to the "happiness" index in the organization.
If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.. Learn more...

Written Testimonials

I have attended sessions with Subha during Dec 2011 till Feb 2012.

Before the sessions, I was a mom(my son is 5 years old) who would
1) Give directions to my child for every task
2) Praise him with adjectives ( excellent, good, awesome)
3) Instantly answer his questions ( load his brain with all facts)
4) Correct his actions than identify his feelings (Dont hit!!)

After Subhas sessions, I am a mom who
1) allows the child to experience the consequences of any task (subject to safety measures!)
2) Helps the child identify his strengths instead of using adjectives to praise him.
3) Allows the child to think and decide on his own.
4) Identifies his feelings before correcting the actions(Are you feeling angry?)

A child was teasing my son saying he was a baby driving on a cycle with side- wheels. I asked my son how he felt and what he wanted to do. My son drove away peacefully saying he would like to ignore. That is the power I have given to my child, thanks to Subha. Today, my son gives me choices to decide!!!

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