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Verse For Better – Parenting Lessons From Parenting Failures

We have just published a book that is a compilation of 19 poems written exclusively by passionate people for this edition. This took us two years and is a collaborative effort between Magichive and the creative team from JW Thompson (one of the largest advertising companies in the world).

This is an outcome of many deliberations that were directed towards the common objective of increasing awareness amongst parents about the importance of acquiring parenting skills, understanding children and providing a nurturing, compassionate environment for their kids.

The poems highlight the consequences of what can go wrong when parents don’t read signals and continue to respond in ways that are detrimental to the overall growth of their children. The tyrants and sadists of the world were innocent when born – just like other kids. In almost all cases, better parenting skills could have helped the kids grow into responsible and empathetic adults.

We have a limited edition coffee table book version that comes in a hardbound cover. If you wish to purchase a personal copy, drop an email to

For the kindle eBook version, visit Amazon – Click here

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We offer non-intrusive Play Therapy sessions that would enable us to address the core issues faced by a child. We do this only if necessary on a case to case basis. This is done on a "one on one" basis at our center. Read more


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We hold long term engagement programs for corporate employees on parent-child related issues. This promotes overall well being and contributes to the "happiness" index in the organization.
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I am really happy to have done the chetana workshop. This program gave me back my confidence I had lost. It made me realize what I want as a person and analyze things in a rational manner. The follow up sessions were an eye opener.Thanks Subha for encouraging me whenever I needed with lots of patience

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