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  • How do I make my Child independent in thinking and behavior?How to understand his/her aspirations? How to Connect? How to Motivate and build Self Esteem? We will explore all of this and more....

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  • Magichive designed products & tools such as Emotional awareness tools, Needs/Feelings cards, Mat Games that can be used by parents, teachers, counselors, trainers etc. We also have unique "Do it yourself" games for Kids & the Family. You can order the products online.

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  • Troubled relationships. Confused with too many choices. Unable to connect to the Kids. Ineffective communication with loved ones. Feeling helpless and lost? We are here to hear your story without any judgement.

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  • Activities and programs for kids are offered by facilitators with expertise in various fields. The center is a hub of various activities that cater to different aspects of a Child.

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  • Academic performance is just one aspect of the development of a child. What is probably more important is development of Life Skills, qualities that can help the child build values,character and a positive attitude.

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Chetana : Journey of Self Discovery

Chetana is our 10 day parenting workshop that is held at our center in Bangalore. The focus is on understanding children, their aspirations, behavior, feelings and thoughts that would enable parents to connect to their children more effectively. Effective communication techniques that can improve relationships would be explored.

The workshops is for parents, grandparents, teachers etc. who are constantly interacting with children on a daily basis . We believe every child is unique and needs to be respected for what they are and not what they will be.
"Nothing you become will disappoint me, I have no
desire to foresee you,
only to discover you "
-Mary Haskell


We offer personal counselling to individuals and couples - both online through Skype and offline at our center. We also take group counselling sessions for parents at schools and corporates. Read more

Play Therapy

We offer non-intrusive Play Therapy sessions that would enable us to address the core issues faced by a child. We do this only if necessary on a case to case basis. This is done on a "one on one" basis at our center. Read more


Chetana is the 10 days Parenting Workshop that is conducted at our center. We also design and take specific workshops for corporate employees. Read more

Kids Activities

Facilitators with expertise in various areas take short term and long term programs at our center on Life Skills, WordSmart, Reading, Bharatnatyam, Arts & Crafts, Astronomy for Kids etc. Read more

We hold long term engagement programs for corporate employees on parent-child related issues. This promotes overall well being and contributes to the "happiness" index in the organization.
If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.. Learn more...


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An eye opener in the real sense. The workshop made me think about the others perspective to all things in life. Thanks a lot. The journey begins here...